States Of Heightened Awareness And Illumination

Illumination And Heightened Awareness - Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our WorldYou are bound to have noticed that occasionally someone has the good fortune of passing through periods of exceptional understanding and illumination. It is sure to have happened to you, but do you remember how, when you attempted to tell about or write down such occurrences, the result consisted of a mass of words that in no way conveyed the accompanying feelings. Language on its own was never meant to provide any one of you with a great deal of spiritual truth, as there is no substitute for the first hand knowledge that can only be found in loving re-union with Me.

Have you ever asked yourself why states of heightened awareness do not last and why they are so hard to hold on to and describe? Have you noticed how the harder you try, the quicker they slip from your grasp? The brief flashes of understanding the way of all things you sometimes get are a taste of things to come, when your consciousness is fully re-united with Mine. Then you will truly understand the way of all things and that at any time, not just in quick glimmers. Sometimes they come to you as a reward after an illness. a bereavement or an affliction patiently endured by holding onto your faith and trust in Me. Any of these things are gifts from Me, to whet your appetite and to keep you thirsting and searching for more and ever more of My wisdom and truth.

Sometimes you enjoy prolonged periods of heightened awareness and understanding. Have you noticed that they are frequently followed by times of great spiritual dearth? To your greatest disappointment, you come down to Earth with a bump and are faced with an increasing need for attending to the more mundane aspects of your life. This happens because your energies have changed and you are required to attend to life lessons of a different nature.

I am the wise one, the living God within. For as long as you are willing to enter into My silence with Me, you can always reach Me, tap into and draw from the well of My infinite wisdom and knowledge. Should you try to write down what happened to you, you will see for yourself how elusive My nature is and how impossible to describe to others. Yet, whenever one of you breaks through the limitations of their earthly personality and becomes one with Me, an understanding is found that cannot be expressed in words. That is why you will never find truth, complete truth, in any book.

Regardless of how hard some of you try and many have done so in the past, spiritual books and other writings of this nature can only ever remain attempts at describing My form or formlessness, as the case may be, and My ideas. It is in the very nature of such publications that no matter how recently they were printed, by the time they reach you they will always be at least somewhat outdated. Books are excellent teachers and way-pointers, but they can never be a substitute for unearthing your very own wisdom and truth. This is every human soul’s birthright, but it can only be found in direct contacts with Me. Because they are constantly updated, you are far better off with publications like ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’.

As pioneers and wayfinders of a new age and founders of a fresh order on the Earth,  you are spearheading a great leap forward in your own and your planet’s spiritual evolution. Over the coming years, this message of Mine will penetrate ever deeper into the collective consciousness of your race. This will continue until every last one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, has been taught by the Angels and Me to live together in peace and harmony with each other and everything that shares your world. This process is already coming to pass – with each passing day it intensifies. Meanwhile you have no choice but to patiently endure in good faith that which cannot be avoided because of the Karmic debts you still have to pay. Whoever welcomes My words into their consciousness and entrusts their guidance and protection to the Angels and Me, you will eventually be able to take part in a beauty, joy and harmony that hitherto has been unknown on the Earth. My Universal laws guarantee that every small effort in your daily tasks that serves the highest good and the greatest joy of all, in the fullness of time does bear a rich harvest.

You are the only one who can release you from the chains and shackles of your earthly existence. This cannot happen until every one of your Karmic debts has been made good and redeemed – by none other than you. When there are no further entries on the debit side of your spiritual ledger, but only on the credit side and your account shows a credit balance, the purpose of your education on the Earth plane has been fulfilled. You are then set free to move on to higher levels of experiences and existence.

As you can see for yourself now, the truth can and indeed will set you free. The wise ones amongst you appreciate that this could never happen through a legend. They know that it can and is being done by unravelling the esoteric truths hidden behind the myths and legend’s parables, symbolisms and metaphors and by conducting their lives in accordance with the teachings they contain. Each one of you has to act as their own saviour and redeemer by doing their share of the work humankind’s great liberation demands.

This is a healing journey of a thousand miles and its first step is the discovery of My true nature and yours. The second stride is a better grasp of the workings of the processes of life and of My laws that govern every aspect of My Creation. Only by constantly striving with all your might to respect these laws and living in harmony with them, will your spiritual ledger eventually be balanced. This alone can open the doors of the self-created prison of consciousness of the Earth plane, to release you into the greater spiritual freedom that is waiting for all in the Age of Aquarius.

Live every moment for sending from your loving heart the light of the Christ Star, the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, My light. Continue to do this until your whole being is filled with this light, so that you gradually evolve into a light that is, like Me, capable of constantly sharing its love and warmth with all lifeforms, not only in your world but all others. Endeavour to think kind and loving thoughts only and never forget your sense of humour. Nothing lightens your vibrations more quickly and easily than the ability to see the funny side of things, to laugh about them and have fun. Above all, walk in faith and trust, My beloved children, hand in hand with the Angels and Me. Best foot forward, keep on saying to yourself:

From this heart nothing but love.
From these hands nothing but healing.
From this mouth nothing but kindness.
From this mind nothing but peace.

* * *

The above is a chapter from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’.
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