When Death Draws Near

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The following is the essence of teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one is from ‘The Divine Mother – The Creation of Form’. The second one appeared in ‘White Eagle Spiritual Unfoldment Two ‘Companioned by Angels’:

‘For all human beings there eventually comes the moment when they leave their physical bodies behind and die, as it’s called in earthly life, although in truth the only thing that happens to these bodies is that their indwelling spirit and soul withdraws from it. Leaving the body through the head, the outer garment is discarded like an empty shell. Nobody is ever alone in this process. Each time this happens to someone the Angels are in attendance and assisting the departure of one aspect of your being from the other. The Angelic hierarchy is responsible for humankind’s development and when matters of birth and death are concerned, they are serving the Great Mother of all life. Christianity’s Virgin Mary is one of her many symbols and so is the Egyptian Goddess Isis. They were just two of the many names God and the Angels gave to your world to illustrate the Great Mother’s influence down the ages.

‘For as long as all you can see are the physical aspects of life, you are likely to think of death as something terrible. Even though to you someone’s departure from that plane may often seems to be accidental, this is never the case because the group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma are observing everything that happens on the Earth most carefully. Each time the predestined moment of death for one of you is approaching, they make their preparations and give notice to the Angels of Death to get ready. And these Angels are by no means the repellent figures and gruesome spectres people imagined them to be in the past.

‘If you could look through the veil of consciousness that to this day separates your world from ours, you would be able to see that their appearances are of an ethereal beauty that is hard to describe in earthly terms. As manifestations of the Great Mother’s unconditional and all-embracing love, the Angels of Death emanate compassion, kindness and love. At the moment of your departure from earthly life these Divine messengers bring about the separation of your spirit/soul from your earthly existence. The Angel helps you to let go and then returns you safely to your true home, the world of spirit and light. They also assist you with your rebirth in our world, where loved ones are greeting you with celebrations that are very similar to those of earthly life when new babies arrive.

‘In case you are wondering how you can best help someone whose departure from earthly life is near, the power of thought can be more effective than any spoken or written words could ever hope to be. It is possible to help those in the ‘departure lounge’ by sending them optimistic thoughts about the fact that in truth they are eternal beings who will never die. In your mind hold kind and loving, hopeful and constructive dialogues with them that there is nothing to be afraid of because there really is no death, that what’s ahead of them is but a passing into another dimension of life.  

‘And then, in your imagination, take the person into the blessing and healing rays of the Christ Star, to be bathed in the powerful light of the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother. By attuning the receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind to the Star’s healing rays you can send these rays at any moment to those of whom you know intuitively that they will benefit from them. In any kind of distance such ministrations are as effective – more so in many cases – than physical ones like ‘hands on’.

‘We sincerely hope that what you are reading here will help you to overcome your own notion that the worst that can happen to any human being is the passing from their physical body. Whenever you catch yourself thinking that way, remember that those who do are by no means dying and that in truth they are heading for another rebirth into our world. Ours is a realm of infinite beauty and wonder, love and joy where pain does not exist and where all those who pass from your world continue to live and thrive, explore and study, so there really is no need for expressions of grief and sorrow. Let there be compassion but not pity.

‘The American poet John Greenleaf Whittier, 1807-1892 described this most beautifully in his poem for the funeral of William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879: ‘Death is the Angel sent who draws the unwilling bolt and sets the captive free’.

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