Death, The Great Enemy

Rays Of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - White Eagle Teachings On Life And Death - Death, The Great EnemyThe following is the essence of two teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one appeared in ‘The Way of the Sun’: ‘Far too many of you to this day believe that death is humankind’s greatest enemy on its journey through earthly life. You are afraid of it only for as long as you are unaware that the physical body’s death is nothing more than one of the Angels of transfiguration, sent by the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, to remove your spirit/soul to our realm. For as long as you think that the false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices of your world’s old belief systems are literally true, you will try to cling as much as possible to your material existence.

‘Obviously, this creates serious obstacles when for another one of you the moment has come when its spirit/soul is ready to be taken home by one of our Angels of transfiguration. Whenever one of them wants to release that person’s spirit/soul into our realm, the earthly self resists but only for as long as it is unaware that this is humankind’s true eternal home. Every one of you emerges from it at the beginning of each lifetime of taking part in another one of the earthly school of life’s lessons. When this has been attended to sufficiently, one of our Angels of transfiguration wants to set the earthly personality’s spirit/soul free. This enables them once again to enjoy the greater freedom that’s possible when you no longer need a physical body as a vehicle for getting about.

‘There is no other place than our realm for any human being to go to. And as soon as another one of you has arrived in our realm, once again their spirit/soul knows from its own experiences that the death of its physical body truly is humankind’s best friend. Around six thousand years of patriarchy with its all-male God-head and many other beliefs that were far removed from the truth, served the wise higher purpose of teaching humankind the value of truth. The Aquarian age is the age of truth and the deeper humankind moves into this age, the more truth is returning to your world. That’s why ever more of you, for some time by now, have been finding out that the physical body’s death is humankind’s enemy is most certainly not true.

‘Alas, those who are aware of this and therefore no longer are afraid of leaving the earthly plane behind, may still be afraid of spiritually being lonely there. We assure you that there is no need for this either, because none of you is ever truly on their own. Many spirit friends and helpers are constantly accompanying you and those who were dear to you on the earthly plane, do not go away when their spirit/soul slips from its physical body.

‘They will always be close to you and that’s because they are one with you and a part of you. They are familiar with what you are thinking and that is true for everybody else in our realm. Even what people on the material plane think of as their most secret thoughts, it’s as if they were being shouted from the rooftops in our world. They can see that you are not grieving excessively because you have lost the material aspect of their being.

‘Observing how you enjoy the knowledge that the loved ones spirit/soul is alive and well, in our realm, releases them into making the most of the greater freedom that’s possible when the outer shell of the physical body has been shed. In their present state their love for you is much more powerful than it ever was when you were still together in the material world. In your thoughts you can still communicate with them and ask for their help and advice, whenever you need it.

‘All life is one and because for a long time the mind of the small earthly self cannot comprehend that there are other dimensions of life that bring everything on the material plane into being and maintain it, this does not mean they do not exist. They are eternal and will never go away, unlike the fleeting temporary realities of humankind’s earthly existence. People in our world think too much about time. They believe that they have only so much of it for carrying out certain tasks and accomplishing the things they would like to do.

‘This is altogether a wrong way of perceiving your present existence. All Eternity is yours and if you are reading what we are saying here and understand it, for you the time has come to start viewing your life from the perspective of your spirit/soul and that life will eternally be yours. Through this your consciousness expands and you develop the quality of your higher God or Christ nature, which in the course of many earthly lifetimes evolves into an ever more glorious light.

‘There is no death, only a stepping onward to a more beautiful existence that constantly takes you closer to your Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ Spirit. Get rid of the idea of here and there, Heaven and Earth as separate from each other, because life is one eternal whole and there is no separation between anything. The more you conduct your daily life in keeping with the spiritual laws, the more you will be growing in spirit and tasting – at first only in many small and simple ways – a steadily increasing awareness of the manifestations of life, on other planes, that might still be invisible to earthly eyes.

‘No longer will you then regard death as something to dread. The knowledge that you will never be dead, but alive and well, constantly moving forwards and upwards on your individual evolutionary spiral will help to dissolve your lower earthly self’s fear of death. You will then know that death does not change you in any way and that when you leave behind your physical body, underneath you are wearing another one that acts like a garment. And that’s the body of light which you yourself have been creating in previous lifetimes and the one you will take with you into Eternity, when the end of your present earthly sojourn has come around.

‘Never forget that, even if the span of a human lifetime should last one hundred years or more, that still would be nothing but the blinking of an eyelid in eternal terms, God’s time. And for each one of you it won’t be long until you also know from first hand experience that there really is no death and that your loved ones are alive and well. It was just that they transformed into a more harmonious state of life that offers more opportunities for evolutionary development and self-expression for them.

‘Life is eternal, continual and timeless, ever growing, evolving and expanding, filled with increasingly interesting things and activities. The more you unfold on the earthly plane and develop spiritually, the more you will be able to take possession of the wonderful life that exists in its spiritual background, even while you are still taking part in life on the material plane. Obeying the Divine law of love will enable you to ever more enter into the glory of Universal spirit life. When your whole being is filled with nothing but love for your Creator and His/Her Creation, as well as faith and trust in the great plan of life, you have every reason to courageously look forward to the future and the hope in your heart will increase, with the passing of time.

‘The evolutionary period is not far away when the veil, which for so long has separated your material world from our spirit realm, will disappear altogether. Our realm inter-penetrates with the earthly plane. The separation between the two has only ever existed in humankind’s earthly minds. In your imagination come to our world as often as possible, for whenever you visualise it you are taking part in it. Through the vibrations you will then be giving forth, you can be of greater use to the human race and also feel a deeper beautiful happiness within.

‘Try it out for yourself and you will soon know that there is nothing to fear when you step over the border into our realm of light, honesty and truth. And whenever you are in difficulties of any kind, turn to the wise one or living God within you. Close its doors against the lower mind’s intrusion and emotional responses. As soon as your spirit/soul is still, our light soon comes to your help.

‘In all your endeavours you never work alone. The Angels and Masters and many other spirit friends and helpers are constantly watching over you. We know you and everything you do. We are pouring our compassion and love into you to bring you healing on all levels of your being, mentally and physically, as well as spirit/soul. Love that expresses itself as wisdom is the greatest power of Creation because it creates light and radiates it into everything that is in need of healing and comfort. Each one of you has their own Master in our realm. Picture yours as a powerful light, a beautiful personality with a gentle spirit whose aura is reaching out to touch and restore you at all times.’

* * *

The second teaching is from ‘The Way to the Age of Spirit – The Lightbringer’: ‘We shall never get tired of telling you that there really is no death. When you have passed what in the early stages of your earthly education appears to be a great barrier, you will know that this is true. As soon as you have returned to our realm, at first you might think to yourself: ‘Am I dead? I did not feel anything and I haven’t changed one bit.’ There really is no difference because all you have done is your spirit/soul leaving its physical body behind.

‘You took that body off like a garment because it had outlived its usefulness and therefore no longer of interest to you. That is all physical death means because every human being is truly an eternal being of light. That’s what you are today and also in all Eternity. The more you consciously work on bringing forth that which is good, right and beautiful in your nature, the more light enters your whole being, in two different ways. The first one is light in the literal sense, which every human being absorbs in the course of each earthly lifetime from its source, the Universal Christ’s light whose spirit consists of nothing but love. The wisdom and knowledge that’s gained in the course of these lifetimes, is light in the form of enlightenment.  

‘The more you consciously attend to this, the more you will be able to enjoy the generous gifts the Great Father/Mother of all life has in mind for every human being. And that’s why every human being is steadily moving forwards and upwards. Each is doing this on their own individual evolutionary spiral, which is part of the one for the whole of humankind and your world. To this day, a veil of consciousness still separates the material and the spiritual aspects of your world from each other. For a long time it has been in the process of disappearing. One of these days, it will have gone forever. That’s when the new golden age will be with you.’

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