The Law Of Karma

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Letter To A Friend - The Law Of KarmaAll life is ruled by Universal or God’s laws. One of them is the law of Karma, which decrees that everything has to return to its source. Because of this whatever we send out into the world like a boomerang unerringly finds its way back to us. Probably one its best explanations I have ever come across can be found in James van Praagh’s ‘Reaching to Heaven – a Spiritual Journey through Life and Death’. On page 78, he writes under the heading ‘Karma: We are all familiar with the saying: ‘What goes around comes around.’ This is another way of stating the Universal law known as Karma. The word karma has its origin in Sanskrit; it literally means ‘action’. Within this law of action is built a natural cycle of cause and effect. Simply put, we have gone through lifetimes either sowing seeds or throwing rocks, and we will reap the effects of what we have created, good or bad.’

The law of Karma is the law of cause and effect  and its cycles extend through many lifetimes. This is for the simple reason that it may be impossible to settle the results of our present actions during our present earthly sojourn. Karma means paying one's debts and consists of a balancing act, because we also reap the rewards for the things we did well in previous lifetimes. The Universal law of Karma in truth is a law of opportunities which are thus created as a means for our spirit and soul to progress. Once we have become aware that we are responsible for ourselves and every one of our thoughts, words and actions, that every action causes a re-action, either positive or negative, the need for creating difficult karmic situations and relationships leaves us.

However, our final release from the wheel of Karma can only take place, when we have fully grasped – on all levels of our being – that we are eternal beings and when we are conducting our lives in accordance with the knowledge we are now finding. To my mind, the realisation that the things we could not complete in our present lifetime can be finished off in another one is the single most liberating item of spiritual wisdom the Age of Aquarius is bringing to us and our world.

It has been said that the answers to all our questions are within. I can personally verify that this is so; there is no need to turn to others to answer our questions. To find what we are looking for, it is best to reach out and ask God and the Angels to come to our help. Masters and guides from the world of spirit are also waiting to be called upon by us, so that they can guide and protect us in all our endeavours. They too are happy to help us find the answers to any question we may ever care to ask. White Eagle is one of these guides and part two contains a collection of his teachings on the subject of life and death. To whet your appetite, here is one of them:

White Eagle: ‘It may strengthen and comfort you to know that not one of you treads the path of life alone. From the moment of birth until physical death, you are guarded by Angels who have been appointed to carry out this task. Humankind has always walked the Earth with Angels. The human race, whether it knows it or not, lives through the Ages under the guardianship of God’s Angels.’

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