Let Them Have Dominion

The Old Testament, and the book of Genesis in particular, is filled to overflowing with some of My most profound thoughts. It can give you many vital clues about the highest hopes I hold for you, My human children of the Earth. Allegories within allegories are hidden in all parts of the sacred texts of your world and particularly so the book of Genesis. Genesis 2:26 is one of the finest examples of this: ‘Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the wild beasts of the Earth and over every creeping one that creeps on the Earth.’

Almost every noun in that passage hides a different higher esoteric symbolism. Its mystery would in due course have to be discovered, unravelled and reinterpreted by you. When that time had come, you would at long last be able to grasp the true meaning of My words and recognise the importance of conducting your lives in accordance with My words. Until that had actually taken place, no peace would come to your world. That time is now. The scales are taken from your eyes and My truth flows into your world like a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis. As it takes to its wings, you begin to perceive with great clarity the true purpose of your earthly existence.

What about the meaning of the above mentioned words? In truth, they are references to the masculine and feminine elements of your nature. Air and Fire, Water and Earth are yours, the same as they are Mine. The birds of the air are a metaphor for the Air element, your intellect and thoughts. Thoughts are the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and the time has come for learning to control most carefully. Fire is the creative spark within you and Me that creates life and brings all things into being. Fire in the right place is life creating and supporting light, warmth and love, which is pleasurable and can heal. Misplaced, however, it hurts and wounds and when finally nothing inflammable is left, it turns in on itself and destroys itself. Anger is one of its expressions on the Earth plane.

The sea and its creatures represent the Water element, your emotions – as you know, very hard to manage. Earth relates to your physical body. You are responsible for it and to fulfil the purpose of each lifetime satisfactorily, your present one in particular, I advise you to love the outer protective shell of your being and to take extra good care of it. The things that creep on the Earth are an allusion to snakes, who are symbols of wisdom. Lifetime after lifetime you serve your earthly time by working your way through one sign of the zodiac after the other. Round and round the zodiac you go, time and again and through this, slowly but surely, you become ever more familiar with the elements of your nature and learn to handle them more skilfully. This continues until full mastership has been achieved, but this can only be done in your present existence – without a physical body it is impossible.

So, use your time well while you are here and start by making a great effort at guarding your tongues most carefully. As you know, the laws of the Universe, My laws, decree that everything must return to its source. This not only ensures that no soul can ever get truly lost in the vastness of space and time, but also that every thought you think and every word you utter does in some way at some stage return to you. To those who take care to send kind and loving thoughts and words only out into your world and all those which to this day may still be beyond your present comprehension, in due course nothing but goodness and kindness can return.

 Wise ones, who are constantly watching you and your progress, are in charge of you on the higher and Highest levels of life. As soon as you prove to them through your words, thoughts and actions that you have fully mastered all aspects of your being, you will be moved on to ever higher levels of learning, until you are finally released into the freedom of My Creation. There many opportunities will be presented to you for demonstrating that you have indeed grown into a responsible and masterful young God in your own right – your creations will reveal this quite clearly. As you will be able to see for yourself from your world’s experiences of the past, the kind of dominion your race has been seeking all along is over its own lower earthly nature and its negative expressions, drives and urges whose results are the power-seeking, violence and greed that have brought and still are bringing such a lot of suffering to all that dwells on the beautiful planet I have placed into your care.

That’s why I say to you now, dominion yes, but not over other people, nations, the Earth herself or any of her creatures. From the moment you consciously and willingly nail your small earthly self to the cross of consciousness or awareness, you die to the above mentioned things, which are part of the old part of you. The more you do this, the more I, your Highest or God Self, move into the foreground of your consciousness and take over. Following My guidance from within, the rest falls into place on its own.

All of you who are presently here, in some of your lifetimes have partaken in the destructive lessons of the past. You now have to reap the results of the actions you took and that is why you are witnessing what raping and plundering Mother Earth and her precious resources inevitably leads to. The good news is that all who are showing their readiness by doing the required work on themselves, willingly listen to Me and follow My guidance from within to show the way, are moving ever more forcefully into their predestined rightful places first as healers, then as caretakers and guardians of your planet. Rest assured that when you do your best towards the blessing and healing of yourselves, each other and your whole planet, the Angels and I are only too happy to do the rest. We shall see to it that all crooked corners come straight, wounds of the past are healed and all things are put right again on the Earth plane.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’.
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