Healing The Relationship With Ourselves And God

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing - Healing The Relationship With Ourselves And GodWhen the Angels told us and our world through the Jesus legend’s St. John 8:31-32: ‘Then Jesus said to the Jews who believed in him: If you abide by my word, you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth and that very truth shall make you free.’ That’s how the Angels as early as that were giving us hints how we would eventually be able to release ourselves and our world from the great wheel of the fortunes of our earthly existence. It comes about through getting to know God’s true nature and our own, as well as every human being’s special relationship with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life.

On the inner level all life is one and there is no separation between anything. Throughout the whole of Creation all creatures and things are in relationship with everything else. But to this day, many on the Earth plane are as yet unaware that we are much more than mere earthlings. In truth, each one of us is a spirit and soul who, from time to time, for a limited period lives in a physical environment in search of mind and consciousness expanding experiences that help us to grow in wisdom and understanding. First and foremost we are in this life to find out that earthly life, just like the rest of God’s Creation, is ruled by Universal laws. The law of cause and effect, known as the law of Karma *, is of particular interest to us.

The relationship with ourselves and God begins to heal with the discovery that each one of us is a spark the Universal Christ spirit, the light of all lights and Sun of all Suns. This is only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother, whose symbol is the Christ Star. As God’s beloved children of the Earth we are in relationship with all of life and it has the same inner connection with us.

The law of life is love, God is love and our true nature is love. From love we have come and to love we are returning now. So, how should we relate to those around us and the rest of life on all its levels? Every human being is a potential healer and lightbringer * and a young God in the making *. And if we wish to do justice to our true nature, Divine ancestry and high and holy destiny, there can only be one answer and that is: ‘With love!’

Everybody appreciates good relationships, but as already mentioned they don’t grow on trees or fall from the Heavens. Far from it! They take a great deal of time and effort, tolerance and kindness, love and respect for ourselves and each other and in the course of many lifetimes, they have to be built – by none other than us. We have been placed in this life to learn how to take advance of the Universal healing energies and to use them for repairing ourselves and all our relationships. The history of our world clearly reveals that the peaceful world the soul of humankind has been craving for a very long time is not going to come about on its own. No large hand will reach down from Heaven and do the work for us. No-one will appear in our world and wave a magic wand over all of it and say: ‘You are making peace, now!’

The Universe, through humankind’s history, is making it abundantly clear that, if we ever wish our world to become a peaceful one, it is none other that us who have to bring this about. Each has to do their share of creating it. Healing our relationships is the most essential and valuable input anyone can have into the creation of this world of our dreams. Through our actions we have to prove that we are not only aware of our real nature and our interconnectedness with all life, but that we are willing to act upon this knowledge, so that in the end our whole existence is filled with nothing but loving and peaceful encounters. Each one of them needs to be conducted in keeping with the spirit of the Aquarian Age of friendship and siblinghood with all life.

From the evidence around me, including my own life, all of us have brought our most trying relationships with us into this very special lifetime. We did this in the hope that with the help and will of God and the Angels resolutions would be found for healing them. But as pointed out earlier, our most urgent task for this lifetime is the healing of our relationship with our Creator through the knowledge of God’s true nature * and our own.

Next in line and just as vital is mending the relationship with ourselves. This is probably the most difficult one of all and therefore most in need of attention, because we all have everything within. The feminine and the masculine, the roughest as well as the smoothest, the most destructive and the most creative. The highest and brightest ideas and desires but also the drives and urges of our small earthly animal nature have to be accepted and worked with. All are part of our nature and the Earth plane is the only place where all of them have to be acted out and eventually integrated by taking charge of them and learning how to handle them safely.

Isn’t it strange that for some of us, including myself, it can take a very long time until we realise that we all have special requirements and that our own are in as much need of being attended to as those of others? If we wish to create peace in our world, our most urgent requirement is making peace with ourselves and learning to love and respect ourselves. By presenting us with the gift of our present lifetime, the wisdom and love of the Universe is providing us with the time and the space to do just that. Part of this is waking up to the realisation that our own innermost needs and wishes are just as important as those of others.

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