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Rays Of Wisdom - The Spirittual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Created In God's Image

Because we have been created in God’s image, everyone of our Creator’s characteristics and powers are also in us. To enable human souls to take possession of their higher and highest attributes, the Great Mother of life in Her infinite wisdom has decreed that this can only be done through each one of us getting to know through their own experiences not only the miseries, disappointments and failures, pain and suffering of Earth life, but also its joys and the beauty and wonders of God’s Creation. The reason why one lifetime after another we find ourselves in this existence is because every soul can only learn from its own first hand experience to appreciate what it feels like to wounded. When this part of our lesson has been fulfilled, we begin to feel motivated to go in search of healing for the many wounds our soul has received in its struggles.

As each one has to become as familiar with good as with evil, we all must at some stage find ourselves at the giving as well as the receiving end of both. Through all these things we steadily grow in wisdom and understanding. And it is through the world of our feelings that our inner self teaches us the difference between the two by constantly giving us signals and telling us what is right or wrong for us in any given situation. So, if anyone ask you: ‘What’s the use of having feelings, when they’re so troublesome?’, you can reply with confidence that they are necessary because without them we would not learn anything.

Created in God’s image, each one of us contains masculine and feminine energies. At this vital crossroads in the evolution of our race, the full acceptance and integration of both of them is of the greatest importance for both genders. Neither of the energies is better, more valuable and precious, stronger or weaker than the other. They are meant to be equal partners who are perfectly balanced and working together in complete harmony. Each has its own vital role to play and contribution to make in the act of creation. And we are in this life to learn how to use our masculine and feminine energies with the same ease they do in God. It is our task to teach them how to work together just as harmoniously and peacefully.

There is no battle or competition between God and Goddess, as has been the case on the Earth plane among men and women for a very long time. For evolutionary purposes this was necessary, but with the coming of the Aquarian Age, and the increased understanding of the true nature of God and our own, such things have outlived their usefulness and are therefore ready to discarded. As the world around us is a mirror of what is happening inside us, if we want peace in our world, each one of us must first make peace within through uniting their very own two forces of Creation inside their own being.

The masculine aspect of God and also of our spirit is the abstract world of thoughts – it is the essence of creative intellect. The feminine part of God and of us, women and men alike, is the soft and sensitive world of feelings, the soul. For as long as the masculine fails to filter its creative ideas through the wisdom of the feminine, it can be extremely cold, callous and destructive. God in his omniscience knows that he, the creator, exists in the abstract world of his creative ideas and that he can only recognise himself in his creations. That is why created worlds come into being in the first place and why he, with the help of his Goddess, produce ever more new worlds. Together they populate them with their children, so that through their experiences more and more knowledge and wisdom is gathered about all aspects of himself.

That is the reason for the very existence of the human race. If we deny ourselves our experiences, what would be the point of being in this life? In the long run this cannot be done in any case, because the law of life demands from every soul that it evolves and constantly grows in wisdom and understanding. Attending to our duties as children of God is the only way any soul can hope to ever find its way back home into the full enlightenment that is waiting for each one of us at the end of our long evolutionary journey in the re-union with God.

Can you see that there is every point in getting on with our life lessons, as best we know how to? This can only be done by shouldering them resolutely and moving forward. With the necessary spiritual awareness of what life is really all about, Earth’s suffering will eventually cease. We shall get there in due course, of that I am sure. But, without living through all our experiences, becoming familiar with the accompanying feelings and dealing with them in the appropriate manner, we would never have found any of the wisdom that’s already ours. Now, wouldn’t that be a pity?

Therefore, let’s persevere with our learning. Souls who refuse to do so, whatever their reasons may be, cannot grow. They stagnate and are then in danger of wasting a whole precious lifetime. However, as nothing in the whole of creation is ever lost or wasted, upon their return into the world of spirit they will be helped to realise this by the wise ones in charge of them. In this manner dallying souls receive one of their most valuable lessons ever, which they will never forget. In coming lifetimes they will remember and really buckle down to their learning.

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