Nailing The Lower Self To The Cross

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Nailing The Lower Self To The CrossThe way I have always made my work available free of charge to anyone who is in need of it, to my mind is the best one. At any given time this allows me to update my work with the renewed understanding I am finding along the pathway of my own healing journey. For my kind of writing it is infinitely superior to book publishing. It’s essential because spiritual knowledge, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, is evolving and therefore constantly increasing and expanding.

The item that forms the basis of this chapter is as good an example as anyone could wish for of something that was written a long time ago and has been updated by the inflow of fresh ideas that provide an improved understanding of what’s at stake. If you have the relevant Stella Polaris at hand, turn to page 112 and see for yourself. Naturally, same applies to my own writings. ‘Healers and Healing’ is the first part of my jottings. It began to come into being many years ago, but with the passing of time the need arose for quite a few of its chapters to be updated with the inflow of new ideas into my consciousness that increased my own understanding of a theme.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris April/May 2017 under the heading ‘The Best Response’: ‘Your path is clear, dear Friends. For many of you the plan for the present stage of your curriculum in the school of Earth provides that your time has come for responding at all times to God’s spirit. Whenever you do this from the highest and purest point of your awareness of the Divine aspects of life, your own spirit and its powers grows stronger. Through your responses to life and your highest aspirations, the love and power of God’s spirit flow into and through you into everything that is in need of it. With the passing of time, this is how you evolve into a healer in every sense of the word, not only of bodies but of spirits and souls, nations and their countries and all bad conditions in general.

‘With the help and will of God you are then becoming a master of circumstances and conditions and when the power of God’s spirit works through you, miracles can and do happen, for the powers that are in God are also in each one of you. For those who are growing into spiritual adulthood the right way of living is in full consciousness of the presence of God in everything and everyone. You are reaching the stage of your development when you trust that God’s plan for you and all life that it is perfect, wise and all-loving and that it is taking care of every aspect of your own life, humankind’s and your whole world.

‘The right way of praying for you now is to ask that God’s will should be your will and that God’s words and prayers should be yours. How else could you make sure that they are in keeping with the Divine great plan of life * and you are working for the highest good of all? Obviously what comes is not necessarily the way your small earthly self would want things to work out. That’s why wise ones take great care to use the powers that are in them wisely and resist the temptation of applying them to selfish purposes. They only use them for the blessing and healing of humankind and their world and from there guide it into the whole of Creation. Through this they not only gradually evolve into a spiritual Master of earthly life, but also into a healer of whole worlds and their beings. They do not forget that each time anything is healing, human beings and animals, even plants and trees, they are healing with them.

‘If sometimes you find it difficult to restrain and control the desires of your small earthly self, take a deep breath and several times say to yourself: ‘God is with me and all is well’. Then be still and wait for a moment, so that your God part can manifest in what you are about to do. You have no idea how much good can come from practising this. And whenever you are together with others and the thoughts and feelings they emanate are interfering with yours, take several deep and slow breaths and affirm that God is with you. You will be surprised at the inward power that through this then comes to you.

‘And because wise ones are aware that there is a cause for everything, they refuse to criticise whatever they see in earthly life. They do not find fault with their siblings in the family of humankind, however basic someone’s present state of development may still be. They remind themselves that such people are their younger siblings attending the lower classes of the earthly school of life and deserve their compassion and love, no matter what anyone may be doing. Wise ones do not avoid the unhappy and disgruntled people they meet, but turn towards them and show them their appreciation and the respect they deserve as God’s children. This is not difficult for wise ones because they know that their younger and less experienced siblings in the vast family of humankind simply don’t know what they are doing – to themselves and their world.

‘The God of love dwells in everyone’s own heart. Bear this in mind, so that in all your endeavours you can truly be a wise one and a bringer of light in the form of new understanding. By sharing it freely with as many as possible, you reveal yourself as a worthy member of the human family and a channel for the light of God’s love. Each time you bless someone without distinction of race, colour or creed, you are doing your share of making crooked places straight and being a true healer and creator of the kinship and siblinghood of life, which the Great Father/Mother of all life has ordained to become a reality in earthly life for all its children.

‘Each time you nail one of the desires, fears and anxieties of your lower nature to the cross of earthly life, the Christ part of your nature is strengthened and this continues until it has taken over your whole being. The God in you can then make crooked corners straight, create beauty from that which is ugly in your world and its people, and heal the sick in mind and body, spirit and soul. You then qualify to be called a true son/daughter of the living God, who has been and still is walking the pathway the Jesus legend * describes in earthly life. And that’s how in the fullness of time everyone’s own Christ self acts as the healer, saviour and redeemer of yourself, the whole of humankind, your world and all worlds throughout the whole of Creation and their beings, bringing its gifts to wherever something requires them.’

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