Could Religions Ever Change Anything?

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For the time being, religions are still part of the belief systems of our world and some of them are very much alive and a potent force to be reckoned with. Yet, considering the state our world and the trouble some of the followers of religions are causing to this day, one cannot help asking oneself: ‘Could religions ever change anything?’ The word religion has its roots in the Latin ‘religare’, which means to bind and connect. Why then did our religions bring so much war and destruction by setting us against each other rather than connecting us with each other?

Were any of our religions actually designed to make our world a better and more peaceful place? Will it ever be that way? Yes, our world will change and it will become a place where all live together in peace and harmony, but it will not happen through the religions we have known up to now. Look around you and see how much suffering, unrest and destruction they are still causing. No-one will make the required changes for us. We ourselves have to bring them about.

With the help of religions, the Universe has been trying to make it abundantly clear to us that none of them ever had any power of its own and could make our world into a better one. Through this it is showing us that the solution to the problems of our world can only be found elsewhere and that is inside us. If we want a peaceful world, each one of us has to look towards ourselves, sweep before our own doors and cleanse our inner stables. Read more about this by following the link ‘The Labours Of Hercules’ at the end of this chapter.

To this day are under the impression that astrology is some kind of a belief system, similar to a religion. They seem to think that subjects like religion, astrology and numerology have some power of their own and are therefore responsible for making our world and us the way we are. We do well to remind ourselves frequently that nobody has any real power on the Earth plane, including all religions and also subjects like astrology and numerology. The have no power, unless it is given to them through thinking – falsely – that they do have a power of their own. Each one of these subjects was created by the Angelic Forces to serve as their teaching aids. Throughout the ages, one religion after the other came into our world. As soon as the lessons one of them was meant to teach us had been mastered by us earthlings at any given time, the old religions was removed and a new one appears.

The very fact that our religions have failed to make our world into a better one, in itself is sufficient proof of their powerlessness. Apart from teaching us certain lessons they can do nothing. Astrology and numerology, however, will not be as passing and temporary as any of the religions our world has ever seen, because they are something much more fundamental. The way I practise the two subjects has no intention of removing the Great Father/Mother of all life from His/Her Creation by pretending that everything brought itself into being and can do things on its own, which in my view is impossible.

For me, astrology and numerology acknowledge the power and might of the Highest. They are the finest instruments imaginable for those who wish to appreciate, enlarge and enhance their vision of God’s great love and boundless wisdom. Wise ones, who make it their business to find out the truth about the nature of God and themselves, do not hesitate to dig down to the roots of things. They no longer have any need for blaming the planets or God for the way they are and behave. Knowing and accepting that we ourselves are responsible for everything that is in our lives, that our character determines the outcome of our destiny and that no-one can alter our Karma, except we ourselves, helps them to conduct their lives in keeping with their knowledge.

When we constantly give of our best and endeavour to create nothing but good Karma in thoughts, words and deeds, we can rest safely in the knowledge that eventually nothing but the best can return to us. Acting this way puts us fairly and squarely in charge of the ship of our own life and makes us the master of our own destiny. More about this in ‘Learning The True Value Of Things’.

Naturally, I would not wish to state categorically that religions, astrology, numerology and other related subjects are this, that or the other, because that simply would not for me to say. All I can and wish to do is to share my understanding with you that no religion ever had the power to change our world for us. The outer world is a manifestation of our inner self and the environment reflects back to us what we are within. As if gazing into a mirror, the events around us are constantly revealing that which is taking place inside us. And that is why, if we wish our world to become a different place and our lives to change, we have look to ourselves. Read more about this in ‘The Dual Nature Of God’.

What many these days would surely benefit from most of all is a new understanding of the true purpose and higher meaning of humankind’s earthly existence. This brings with it a fresh approach to life that provides us with the motivation we need to change our perception of life and our approach and attitude towards it most profoundly. Should you decide to go down this road, you will soon discover that many of the most popular convictions that are deeply held by people to this day are false ones that have long outlived their usefulness. They are waiting to be shed because by now they have become serious obstacles on the journey of making the spiritual progress that would otherwise be possible in someone’s present lifetime.

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