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All life is energy and different types of it are ceaselessly at work throughout the whole of Creation. Astrology is a wonderful tool for familiarising ourselves with these energies. To me, the Divine science is a gift to humankind from the Universal intelligence. How else could it provide us with so much knowledge? Alas, like all things on our plane of life, astrology can be used with equal ease for good and evil purposes. Irresponsibly scaring people half to death with dire prognostications about the next end of the world, for example the way it had been forecast for the year 2012, is evil. The necessary balance is created by those who reassure the public and help  them find a better understanding of themselves and the spiritual background of life, bringing them closer to the higher realities of life and the great wisdom of the One, who so lovingly designed and created it all for us. The choice of how we wish to employ anything that comes before us is always ours.

Everything in our world has been provided by the Highest forces of life so that we should learn something from it and in the great plan of life nothing is ever wasted and even this serves a wise and higher purpose. We are here to find out about the wise use of the energies the Universe places at our disposal at any given time and astrology can assist us gain insights into their nature. This applies to the energies of our Divine parents, God and Goddess, as much as to – as their offspring – our own, as well as of others, our world and ultimately the planets and the Universe. Knowledge is a type of energy. All energy in itself is neutral – it is neither good nor evil. The evil we are still witnessing in our world is but a manifestation of energies that have been and still are used and expressed in negative and destructive ways.

The most essential part of our earthly education is to become increasingly aware of who we truly are. And to enable us to make wise decisions regarding the use of our energies, we first have to get to know their flow in our lives at any given time and their potential use against the backdrop of either good or bad intentions. At the onset of any new enterprise, it is essential to assess carefully what the outcome of our actions is likely to be, if we decide one way or another.

In the final analysis, everything on the Earth plane can be used to create something either good or evil. Whether any of our endeavours turns into something good or bad is decided by the intentions behind our actions and our motivating thinking patterns, as well as the way we think about that which the Universe entrusts into our care and its use. Our motivation and intentions behind  any decision making are invariably the most significant factors. This is the case wherever people intimidate and threaten other members of the human family of races and nations to overpower them in some way. Whole industries like manufacturers and users of weapons of mass destructions are involved in this and, in events like the swine flu, certain parts of the pharmaceutical industry and the mass media, too. In the same way, religious organisations are guilty of contributing to the spreading of evil in our world and whole countries influenced by their teachings and the individuals who are holding fast to them.

Albert Einstein, the German born theoretical physicist, 1879-1955, had the struggle of our world between good and evil in mind when he wrote: ‘Concern for man himself must always constitute the chief objective of all technological effort – concern for the big, unsolved problems of how to organise human work and the distribution of commodities in such a manner as to assure that the results of our scientific thinking may be a blessing to mankind, and not a curse.’ We are creative beings, co-creators with God and within reason we are allowed to create whatever our heart desires. Ah, yes! But having got it, what do we do with it? This is the testing ground that reveals to those in charge of us at any given moment our present degree of spiritual awareness and maturity, and whether we have learnt anything from past experiences.

Our thoughts and intentions alone behind any of our actions decide their outcome, whether that which we create in the spiritual sense is going to belong to the realms of good or of evil. Both exist in our world because our Creator – with infinite wisdom and love – guides us through both experiences, so that from each one of them we can all learn to differentiate between them. Creating peace on Earth must have been the biggest issue facing humankind for a very long time. If that is what you and I wish too, we have to start with ourselves, act responsibly and take charge of every one of our thoughts, words and actions.

When coming face to face with evil wise ones bear in mind that the word itself when read backwards means ‘live’. Evil is created each time one of us, as co-creator with God, uses the creative energies of the Universal Life Force in a manner that is negative, destructive and harmful to someone or something in order to achieve personal gains of one kind or another for the satisfying of that person’s or organisation’s lust for spiritual/religious/material dominion over others. This applies as much to individuals as to whole organisations and even countries in their pursuit of power over others. Evil comes into being each time someone gives in to the promptings of the drives and urges of their lower earthly self. No, not the devil, that symbol has merely been used as a metaphor to explain to us this part of humankind’s nature.

Good is the polar opposition to evil. Good is everything that is wholesome, constructive and of benefit to others instead of seeking to gratify the small earthly self’s desires. Good honours, respects and furthers that which is good, right and beautiful in human nature and our world.

The test for those on the Earth plane always lies in how we react to any kind of evil, and how we put the evil force into some kind of a perspective that human minds can grasp. Whenever something evil happens in our world, we have the choice of either ignoring and turning away from it or of facing it and somehow dealing with it in as constructive a manner as possible. We are free to either join the evil or to turn to our Highest Self, the living God within, to show us ways of opposing all evil that is still in our world. With the help and the will of God and the Angels it becomes possible to destroy it and transmute its negative and destructive energies into blessing and healing ones for all life.

It is our reaction to evil that determines in which direction any evil action turns. One way or another our responses to all kinds of evil bring us spiritual growth and evolution through a renewed understanding. That is the very reason why evil has been necessary in our world. It was always meant to teach us to differentiate between good and evil, so that through this our perception of the purpose and meaning of our existence as a whole should expand.

The way we react to evil reveals to the wise ones in charge of us and our world who fully trusts that our Creator, Father/Mother of all life, is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and holds the reins of our world and all others safely in His/Her wise and loving hands. Whenever something evil happens, our behaviour shows our unseen helpers whether we appreciate that no matter how low any soul may ever fall on the Earth plane, their indwelling spirit of God remains alive in them because it is eternal, immortal and cannot die.

And so the Angels and Masters watch with interest to establish how many of us truly accept that on the inner level of life we are all one and that therefore what is done to one is done to everybody, for good and evil alike. These invisible hosts are constantly assessing how many of us are aware that we all belong together, that in truth we are one big family which in turn is an integral part of God’s great family of all life. Head knowledge alone of these concepts is useless. Only when human hearts and souls also have grasped their  meaning, do they feel the need to act accordingly, with compassion and love. To those on the higher levels of life the way we act and react in any given situation is the clearest indicator of the evolutionary level any human soul has reached at any given time..

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