A New Home Planet

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology On The Healing Journey - A New Home PlanetEverything in the whole of Creation is constantly evolving and moving onwards and upwards to ever higher and more beautiful levels of existence. This process will never cease and for all of us it is going to continue forever. The energies of young and inexperienced spirit/souls, who are presently causing the mischief, pain and suffering of our world, will be unsuitable for taking part in life on the New Earth. Their education will continue elsewhere. At a certain point in our planet’s development, the groups of evolved and unevolved spirit/souls will be separating and proceeding in different directions.

Only those who are sufficiently evolved can reincarnate onto the New Earth, if they so wish. The youngsters, however, will only be able to do this on a new home planet that has been allocated to them. They will be required to assist its evolutionary process. The planet in return will be doing the same for them and that’s how Mother Earth and humankind together have been evolving for a long, long time.

This parting of the ways is the symbolic meaning behind the surface words of the Bible’s St. Matthew 25:31-34: ‘When the son of man comes in His glory and all His holy Angels with him, then he will sit upon the throne of His glory. And all nations will gather before Him. He will separate them one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. And He will set the sheep at his right and the goats at His left. Then the King will say to those on His right: ‘Come, ye blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom which has been prepared for you from the foundation of the world.’

Sheep stand for highly evolved spirit/souls who have surrendered their whole being to Highest or God Self. Through taking over completely, every human being with the passing of time evolves into Christed ones in their own right. The energies of these spirit/souls will be right for reincarnating onto the Earth when her transformation is complete. Goats represent young and inexperienced spirit/souls who will be continuing their education about life on the material plane through reincarnating onto a younger planet that matches their energies. Its vibrations will be much denser than they are on the Earth and have been for quite a long.

Because of the density of the new planet’s vibrations the going will be correspondingly harder and life tougher for its pioneering colonisers. But after their initial training in earthly life, they are ready for it. The redemption of the large amounts of mostly negative Karma that was created by them will have to wait until they have evolved sufficiently to be strong enough to endure what the Universal laws are going to return to them in one of their lifetimes of the distant future. It is highly likely that these spirit/souls, by the time they are ready to harvest the fruits of the seeds they are sowing now, will have evolved into good, kind and loving, law-abiding citizens. When they are finding themselves at the receiving end of the pain and suffering they are presently handing out so liberally, they could be wondering why things of this nature should be happening to them out of all people.

Attending the earthly school of life is compulsory, yet none of us will ever be forced to participate in anything. But as soon as we have rested sufficiently in the world of spirit after the trials and tribulations of our most recent lifetime on the Earth, there comes the moment of realisation that if we wishes to continue on our evolutionary pathway, we first have to get to the end of our earthly curriculum. So there is nothing for it but getting on with our next lifetime, no matter what it may bring. And that’s exactly what the likes of you and me have been doing in the course of many earthly lifetimes, even though we knew that major obstacles would be waiting for us. At that stage it was not hard to agree to taking on whatever came our way because we then knew that our spirit friends and helpers would never leave us, and that forever they would be guiding and protecting us. If only our earthly self were aware of that later when we are grappling with the realities of that existence.

At the moment of its first release into earthly life, a deep yearning for the blessed state of being one with God and all life is programmed into every spirit/soul. In metaphors and allegories this longing has been expressed in all sacred texts of our world. The Abrahamic religions for example talk about it as the state of Paradise or Heaven. The memory of this the earliest phase of our evolutionary journey on the Earth is imprinted in every spirit’s consciousness. And that’s why deep down on our innermost being we have always known that one day we would find our way back home into this state and that the only way of reaching would be through evolution.

There can be no doubt that spirit/souls who reincarnate on the new planet will be getting as much support from the Angels and Masters, guides and helpers of the spirit realm, as we have always received and forever will do, as and when the need for it arises. And now that we have an inkling of the difficulties of life the youngsters are likely to encounter, in due course you and I may wish to join the ranks of spirit guides and helpers and do our best to assist their material and spiritual progress.

Isn’t it good to know that we are never alone in any of our human endeavours? At all times we are free to choose whether to get hold of helping hands, visible and invisible, that are reaching out to us or whether to ignore or even reject them. Yet, irrespective of what decisions we make and however erroneous they may be at times, when viewed from the higher perspective of life, God and the Angels will never cease to work through and with us.

Without the spiritual background of our present existence and those who are incessantly beavering there for our support and wellbeing, there would be no earthly life and neither would any one of us, of that we can be sure. Learning to fully trust and rely upon our spirit friends and helpers, although they are invisible to earthly eyes, is every human being’s most urgent task during their earthly lifetimes.

Can you now see that there really is no point for sitting in judgement over anyone and every reason for feeling compassion towards those who presently are taking part in the lessons of the lower and lowest aspects of human nature? That does not mean condoning their deeds, but from the Jesus legend in St. Luke 23:34 the Master’s last words, when he was dying on the cross, come to mind: ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.’

May the legend of the Lord Buddha have the last world here: ‘Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong. In some of your lifetimes, you are sure to have been all of these.’

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