Living Without Faith

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Living Without FaithMy own life has taught me that living without faith means to be spiritually dead, because one’s most vital part – the spirit – is asleep. If we wish to become fully alive, the spirit has to wake up and become aware of its own presence again. Faith and trust are the ingredients we all need, if we want to find and fulfil the special purpose of our creation, as we are meant to. Although living without faith may not deny us worldly success, for as long as our life remains ungrounded in faith, in the long run, everything eventually turns to ashes in our mouth, and nothing will ever bring us lasting satisfaction and fulfilment.

Faith opens our vision to the highest levels of existence; it gives our life purpose, meaning and structure; and it enlarges our vision so that we begin to peer beyond the end of our nose, into our true reality and eternity. Faith allows us to rest safely in the knowledge that we have a right to be where we are, because that is exactly where God wants us to be, at any given moment. Faith is our trust in that everything in God’s Creation has a purpose and a reason, including us and our life.

As faith cannot be found anywhere, except inside us, looking for it is a solitary pursuit. It does not come from reading books, and it is unlikely to be drawn from something that has been handed down to us through long lines of deception, manipulation, exploitation, treachery, abuse and cruelty. All those things were and still are being committed in the name of a Creator, who is supposed to be just and loving, yet does not step in when such things are happening everywhere, to this day. How could intelligent beings ever have been expected to trust that kind of a God? In the chapter ‘Is there a God?’ of volume one of these jottings you can read more about this.

Only through becoming aware of what life really is all about and through accepting that we are responsible for ourselves and everything that is in us and our world to truly appreciate the great goodness and kindness of our Father/Mother Creator. Small children as we spiritually all are, each one of us stands before a God so infinitely wise, good and just that it is hard for human souls to grasp the depth of the love that holds all life and lifeforms in Its loving hands. Faith grows out of taking charge of ourselves and from aiming every thought, word, and action towards the highest good of all. No-one can give us faith because it already is within us, waiting to come alive again; it needs to be tapped into so that it can grow ever stronger.

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