You Are Never Alone

Rays of Wisdom – The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World – You Are Never AloneSome people think that you, My beloved children of the Earth, are on that plane of life completely left to your own devices and can do whatever you like. This is a false belief which could not be further away from the truth. Nothing in your world or elsewhere happens perchance or by coincidence. A wise higher reason lies behind everything. And wherever you may find yourselves at any given moment, the things happening to you can only do so because they are part of My great plan of life, as well as being subject to the close scrutiny of the Angels and Masters, and many other invisible guides and helpers in the world of light.

For educational reasons souls of different evolutionary levels are at any given time taking part in earthly life. For this reason there are always younger and less experienced souls in your midst who are still undergoing the first grade of their earthly schooling. Unaware of the true higher purpose and meaning of Earth life, it is inevitable that once in a while some of them are in danger of hunting one or the other of the animal species of your world to the brink of extinction.

To ensure that this does not happen, the Angels inspire those of your scientists who have at least partly woken up to their true nature by giving them ideas for plans of avoiding this. As soon as one of them becomes seriously interested in the welfare of your planet and its animal population, they are ready to be used as channels through whom the wisdom of the higher and highest levels of life can flow. This is how it comes about that the development of processes like the cloning of endangered species is entrusted into the care of students who already are in the second, the middle phase of their earthly education.

For the people involved this creates opportunities for redeeming some of the negative Karma they incurred during the lifetimes they attended the lower grades. The law of Karma is a subsidiary of the main law of life, love. First and foremost this law fulfils the function of a homing device. It is the Karmic law that ensures that everything returns to its source and that in the vastness of My Creation’s space and time nothing can ever be lost for good. This includes human spirits and souls. Regardless of how long this may take every single one of them eventually returns into the conscious awareness of their oneness with Me.

The law of Karma has nothing to do with revenge or punishment. On the contrary, it is one of opportunities for new learning and paying off old debts. All parts of My Creation are constantly seeking to balance each other and it is this law that ensures that in the end everything does. The Angels are supervising its workings and the effects it has on everything on the Earth plane. They are the ones who ensure that independent of how long this may take, the scales of life and justice for each one of you and your world are finally brought into perfect equilibrium.

As many of you know by now, the whole of My Creation consists of dualities and polarities. In Me they are working together harmoniously and are balancing each other. Unbeknown to you for a long time, the same is also at work in each one of you. Whilst you are lacking the understanding of your true nature and the forces and energies that are at work in you and affecting you during the early stages of your earthly education, the heavenly and earthly part of you are frequently struggling against each other. It takes many lifetimes before you have mastered the art of getting these two parts to function and co-operate the way they are doing in Me.

Aware of these things, wise ones would never dream of sitting in judgement over anyone. They simply send love and healing from their own hearts and aura, and refuse to criticise or question others. Advice they only give when it has asked for, because they understand that every soul can only move forwards one small step after another and through learning from their own trials and errors. This the only way spiritual illumination in the form of wisdom, self-control and mastery can be achieved by any one of you. Most of all aspiring master souls need to become dispassionate, which makes them capable of meeting any kind of event with tranquillity.

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