My House Of Many Mansions

Rays of Wisdom – The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World – My House Of Many MansionsMany who are presently spending another lifetime on the Earth plane are unaware that the whole of My creation is teaming with life that to this day is invisible to ordinary earthly eyes. Because of this they refuse to believe in the existence of other worlds. They could not be more wrong! But in due course the doubting Thomases will also discover them.

What I am speaking about is the realm of the Angels and Masters and all manner of other beings, who are more highly evolved than most earthlings still are. The creatures who for a long time have been known by some of you as fairies and elves are part of this higher kingdom of life. They belong to the vast family of nature spirits, who have always been at work behind the scenes of humankind’s earthly existence. They are the ones who provide for every one of the true needs of every one of Mother Earth’s children, human, animal and plant life alike.

By day and night these creatures are beavering away without ever resting or sleeping. Although they do belong to the physical aspect of earthly life, being spirits they have no need for bodies like yours for getting around. Your physical body is your vehicle for one lifetime only and it gets tired and worn out and eventually becomes ill, if it does not get sufficient rest. The creatures behind the scenes of earthly life are part of Me, the same as you are. The main difference between them and you is that they are drawing all their energies directly from Me, the Great Light and the Sun behind all Suns, while you have to get the physical part of it from the various kingdoms of Mother Earth. The supply of my energies quite literally is endless and will never run out. And there will come a time when you too will be sustained the same as any other spirit being.

Your race’s other world and true home, the world of spirit or light, also belongs to the Earth plane. This is where the Angels and Masters in charge of humankind are at work. They in turn are under the direction of the Angels on yet higher and the highest levels of life. Together with your guides, friends and helpers the angelic hierarchy is caring for and serving humankinds spiritual development. They are constantly accompanying and guiding all of you through your happiest moments as well as the most painful and traumatic lessons that have to be gone through in the great school of earthly life.

The whole of Creation is My house and it consists of a great variety of mansions on many different levels. One of them is Mother Earth with her rich multitude of manifestations of life. Throughout the Universe there are millions of such mansions, most of which are still waiting to be discovered and explored by you. How about that for an inviting and exciting thought? As soon as you begin to perceive life from the spiritual viewpoint, you will be able to see for yourself that the things I am telling you about here in truth could not be any other way.

Many of you, My beloved children of the Earth, think of yourselves as incredibly clever. This you do in spite of the fact that in your current state of development you actually know and understand very little of the true realities of life and the things that are really important. By this I mean that which for Earth life’s limited field of vision is taking place behind its scenes, the spiritual aspects of life. As you are about to find out, these are by far life’s most important and interesting ones. The evolutionary pathway for human souls is a journey of discovery. It starts off with each one of you individually having to take part in and becoming familiar with the lowest, most despicable and negative characteristics of your lower earthly nature, as well as everybody else’s. The kind of adventuring this involves familiarises you with them.

However, unbeknown to you for a very long time, you have always steadily been moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. You climb out of the abyss of human suffering, on its giving and receiving end, continues until the good and positive traits of your Christ nature begin to come to the fore of your consciousness. In the course of many lifetimes you learn how to develop them and this continues until you have brought forth from within you the finest, noblest and highest qualities of human nature. When this has been achieved you have become a true daughter/son of the living God on the Earth.

The ultimate aim of for each one of you is to fully integrate every characteristic of human nature, the highest as well as the lowest. When you are in charge of all of them, you have evolved into a perfect or whole and holy, a Christed one in your own right. It stands to reason that such a monumental task cannot possibly be carried out in one single lifetime. This may take thousands of them, maybe more. You are not to know how many, but one thing is sure and that is that all of you get there in the end.

How long do you think it might have taken you to develop from the earliest and most primitive stages of your earthly beingness into the splendid and adorable creature you are now? Let no-one run away with the illusion that any one of you was instantly created like this, because that is simply not true. And when you look around you, if it sometimes seems as if the evolutionary spiral of life were taking humankind in a downwards rather than upwards direction, this is due to the fact that at any given time there is a steady inflow of young and inexperienced souls onto the Earth plane.

Wise ones appreciate that for many souls it is their first lifetime in earthly life. This helps them to react with tolerance and patience, mercifully and with understanding towards anyone they recognise as being less experienced than they are. Aware that each one of you is on a different evolutionary level, such wise ones appreciate the presence of these youngsters because they are providing the tests and trials that are needed by the more advanced students in the school of earthly life. The behaviour of the older souls towards their younger siblings reveals to those in charge behind the scenes which evolutionary level any one of you truly has reached.

The Karma created during the earliest phases of your development draws you back into taking part and experiencing life in physicality, time and again. More Karma, good and positive as well as destructive and negative, is created each time round. It all depends on the degree of difficulties of your lessons. As you move slowly but surely move ever forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, every aspect of the spiritual debts that are thus incurred have to be redeemed by you eventually. Only when the last bit of that which you owe has been duly attended to, will you be allowed to leave earthly life with its desires and urges of your lower animal nature behind.

Until you have grown into spiritual adulthood and with it a sufficiently high spiritual evolutionary level, so that Earth life can no longer teach you anything, for each one of you there will always be more lifetimes. But eventually all of you will be able to proceed onwards to lessons of a more elevated nature on the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

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