Students And Their Teachers

 Rays of Wisdom – The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World – Students And Their TeachersMany of you are by now aware that everything that is in Me is also in you and that this means all My characteristics and qualities, as well as My powers, including those of creation and de-creation or destruction. For a long time each one of you spends many lifetimes on the Earth plane, thinking of yourself as nothing but an earthling, and that you can do whatever you like, hurting, maiming and killing without anyone knowing about it. But eventually for each one of you comes the moment of awakening to your true nature. The scales then fall from your inner vision about your relationship with Me and the powers that have been at work within you and your life, without you having the slightest idea of why things ever happened to you and your world.

Each one of you is a unique and precious being who is of great value to Me and loved beyond compare, and who has their own unique contribution to make in the peacemaking and healing process of your world. I granted you the gift of your present lifetime to assist you with becoming aware of your Divine inheritance, so that you may learn to handle every part of it with the greatest of care and with the love, respect and devotion to Me they deserve. Because on the inner level of life all is one, in your earthly endeavours never forget that what is done for one is done for everybody. The result of this is that when one of you is healing, your whole world is doing the same, and even the smallest effort any one of you makes towards this end also benefits the whole of Creation.

Every individual soul is an important part of its country’s soul and each one of the national souls belong to the soul of your whole world, which in turn is an integral part of the soul of all of Creation. As a result of the inner oneness of all life, not a single one of you will ever be able to live just for themselves. Everything any one of you thinks and does contributes towards either the evolutionary progress or the retreat of the greater soul. Every small step you take towards becoming more God-like, for example by endeavouring to be good and kind at all times and think high and noble thoughts only, raises not only your own soul and that of your world into My loving heart, but also the soul of the whole of Creation.

As you know, life on Earth is a school and a place of learning and all those in it, without exception, are My beloved children of the Earth. Know that no two evolutionary pathways throughout the whole of My Creation could ever be alike. The whole of humankind is one great family and those who at any given time are walking the Earth are there to assist others with their task of learning and growing in wisdom and understanding.

In this institution life itself is the teacher and at all times each one of you is simultaneously acting as student and teacher for those around them. And it is for this reason that at any given time some very young and inexperienced souls, maybe completely new ones exist in your midst. The same as in any earthly educational establishment this one consists of different grades and classes of learning. The first ones for beginners are followed by those that serve souls who have reached the middle ground.

The task of the most highly evolved souls in top grade three is to lead by good example. They need to show their younger siblings the right way of behaving themselves and conducting their lives in a fashion that with the passing of time enables them to develop into true sons/daughters of God. The ultimate duty of each one of you is to do your best to bring your own small peace of Heaven down to the Earth and thus doing your share of establishing God’s kingdom ever more firmly on your planet.

Taking every word of the Bible literally for a long time has been a necessary part of the earthly education of the earliest stages of humankind’s development, so to speak your spiritual infancy, childhood and adolescence. As you mature and gradually grow into spiritual adulthood, you begin to realise that the truth of the words of the Bible and all other sacred texts of your world is hidden behind their surface words in the form of higher esoteric meanings. Having become aware of this, wise ones in every one of their daily encounters do not overlook that to this day many of the people they encounter are still working their way through the early stages of the earthly curriculum. They know that it is because of this that such spiritual youngsters – even though they may be a hundred years old – believe that every word of the sacred texts before them is true and based on historical facts.

Those who re-awake to their true nature soon begin to realise that literalism has actually been a way of temporarily bringing humankind’s spiritual progress to a halt. It is the kind of belief that puts human souls into a state of stagnation, because for some time they are denied access to taking responsibility for themselves. This stops them from prematurely becoming aware of their own Christ nature and through growing ever more God-like develop into a Christed one in their own right. That is the only way you and your world will ever be saved and redeemed, not by Me but by each one of you yourselves.

And now, please pause for a moment and take a closer inspection of your world. You can then not help noticing that the behaviour, actions and reactions of those who share Earth life with you reveals those who are your younger siblings in the human family and what kind of life lessons they are presently attending. Showing tolerance towards such youngsters, regardless of what someone’s age in Earth terms may be, being patient with them and forgiving their transgressions does not mean that you condone their deeds. Wise ones do not need to be reminded that they, the same as you, have come from love and that one day they too will have matured sufficiently to become aware of their true nature again. We shall return to the theme of your younger siblings shortly.

Humankind’s true nature is love and the only way of doing justice to it is when you love and show understanding and compassion, kindness and tolerance towards everybody, human beings and animals alike. You practise these things each time you forgive one of your younger siblings, the same as you are always forgiven by the Angels and Me, even for your worst misdemeanours of the past or present. Once you have learnt to truly love from the heart you know for yourself why it has been said that love understands all and forgives all. It does this because it understands – it could not be any other way.

Having reached your present level of awareness, you can see how even in the year 2016 of Earth time the warmongers of your world and the principles they represent are beginning to look ever more like creatures from the past, veritable dinosaurs and their beliefs. The time will soon come when humankind learns how to use the creativity and ingenuity I have always so generously bestowed upon each one of you, for positive, constructive and peaceful purposes, in preference to the negative ways of the past of hurting and maiming, killing and destroying each other. Immense strides forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life will then be possible for all of you much more rapidly.

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