What Is Soul?

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To this day there seems to be a great deal of confusion about what ‘soul’ actually means. As traditional astrology is most helpful when it comes to finding a better understanding of God’s true nature and our own, let’s see whether it can do the same for the concept of soul. We need not look any further than the elements. Fire and Air represent the masculine, positive and outgoing energies of our own nature and of God, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity. Earth and Water are the feminine soft and sensitive, passive and receptive counterpart of the Goddess, the Great Mother of all life. The Mother is the soul of the whole of Creation and our individual souls are part of Her. God’s spirit and our own is masculine and belongs to the element Air, the realm of thought, and Fire, that of the creative ideas which are constantly flowing from the Godhead into the whole of Creation. The Air element transmits and brings them to its feminine counterpart.

The masculine God part represents the Divine will and power and the feminine part of the Great Mother is the love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity. She decides where the creative ideas of the masculine should manifest themselves in the physical realms of Earth and Water, for example in the physical bodies of all Mother Earth’s children of the animal kingdom, including ours. For a long time her human offspring remain unaware that in truth they are much more than earthly beings who are wandering around, each in their own physical body. This creates an illusion of separateness, as if we were all separate from each other, when in truth nothing could be further from the way it really is. On the inner level of life everything is one and there is no separation between anything.

 When we have spiritually matured sufficiently so that our energies are right, the small self wakes up from its spiritual slumber. At that stage it begins to dawn on us that all human beings are a great deal more than mere earthlings because each one of us has an invisible part called spirit and soul which dwells with us in our physical body. This part is immortal and eternal and therefore much more important than the outer shell that covers it like an overcoat. Our spirit and soul does not die each time our body of clay is returned to the Earth. It moves on to a different dimension of life, known as the world of spirit or light, and that is the place we once came from, our true home. When looked at from a higher perspective, there is no such thing as death, merely transformations into different lifestates.

As sparks of the Divine and children of God, all characteristics and powers of our Creator are also in us. Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, every woman and man without exception has them and is subject to the same evolutionary processes. Each one of us who is presently taking part in earthly life is an individual spirit, who is only temporarily encased in matter and has a spirit and soul of its own. Every planet and every country of our world and all worlds have their own soul and all these souls together are part of the Great Soul, the Mother of all life. And because of the inner oneness every individual soul, the soul of our world and all worlds are evolving simultaneously, which means that which is done for one is truly done for all.

Each individual soul and the collective soul of groups, countries and whole worlds is the memory bank of every one of the events and encounters that have ever been experienced and this will continue forever. In human beings the soul or psyche is our feeling nature, the soft and sensitive, kind and loving, caring and nurturing feminine aspect which both genders contain in equal measure. This part grows and develops through the learning we gain from our experiences and every one of us has to do this under their own steam and that in the course of many lifetimes. As the feminine aspect of God is conscious in women, they usually are more in touch with the world of their feelings. As this part is unconscious in men, it can be much harder for them to gain access to this part of their being.

Each one of us is a spark of the Great White Light, the Christ Star, the only born son/daughter of the Great Father/Mother, the third aspect of the Divine Trinity. Like its parent, every spark consists of a masculine and a feminine aspect. They are so closely connected that the consciousness of the masculine, Fire and Air, cannot grow and expand without the co-operation of its feminine partner, Water and Earth. That’s why each spirit, at the beginning of its epic evolutionary journey, immediately has to start building itself a soul. There is but one way of doing this and that is through the reactions that come through its feminine world of feelings. That’s how each one of us once had to set off, so that we could get to know ourselves in the realities of the strange world of physicality, in which we are placed from time to time.

Having established that the essence and core of everyone’s being is spirit and soul, the question arises whether it is possible to study them. I do not believe that we are not in this life to study them – they just are – always have been and forever will be. Being abstract and invisible, eternal, immortal and indestructible, the masculine spirit can only be experienced. Nothing can hurt, harm or damage this part of our being. Although the feminine soul cannot be seen either, it surely can be felt. Every experience that comes our way is intended to provide us with some soul food. Yet, when the soul is fed the wrong kind of things, it can shrivel away. In that case the spirit through its earthly self has to start rebuilding itself a soul in future lifetime.

The soul is the storehouse for the memories of everything we experienced in the course of all lifetimes, up to the present moment. Anything that ever happens to us leaves its imprint in our soul in the form of memories which are already present in the cells of each newly created physical body. For the whole of our coming lifetime we are going to carry them around with us and constantly adding to them. Any pain that is felt in our physical body is a signal from our soul that something in our life, on the inner and/or outer level, is calling for attention.

I believe that each pain is an indication that something is asking to be looked at, dealt with and then forgiven in an appropriate manner, so that healing can take place. As the deep underlying cause of the trouble can be shadows from the past with issues that have been waiting to be dealt with and resolved for a long time, they can be exceedingly hard to dig up. Yet, if the soul’s signs are ignored, its crying becomes ever more forceful because at this special time of our individual and collective spiritual development they simply cannot wait any longer. To read more about this theme, please follow the link ‘All Conditions Can Be Healed’ at the end of this chapter.

The soul belongs to the Water element, the realm of feelings and emotions. It is part of our waterbody and because our physical bodies consist of about seventy percent water, the waterbody is big and of great importance. The physical body acts like an overcoat that is worn over other more subtle bodies, for example the astral one for getting around and exploring the spirit world, after our physical body has been shed.

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