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The White Eagle teaching of the previous chapter must have been highly advanced knowledge when it first appeared, probably in the 1930s to 1940s. It is likely to have come to my attention as a confirmation after I had written of ‘What Is Soul’ in ‘Healers And Healing’. The latter is the earliest part of my work and came into being more than ten years ago. If you are ready to compare White Eagle’s wisdom with my intuitively updated and extended re-interpretation of November 2014, here it is.

‘It is impossible for individuals to find God by intellect alone, although to this day many are trying to do so. No matter how hard anyone may attempt to intellectualise the Divine, you are not going to find God through the intellect alone. First you have to go through a development of your soul by learning how to love wisely and paying attention to your feelings.

‘God can only be found through experiencing life and the Divine through the soft and sensitive world of your feelings. This part of your nature is your soul. It acts as the bridge between Heaven and Earth that brings humankind back to its Creator and enables you, as a child of the Earth, to contact God. By this we mean the Divine Trinity of Father, Mother and Son – the perfect and holy Trinity of life. We aim to help each one of you to become aware of the sacred union between the spirit and soul of the Highest and these two parts of your own being, which in due course will take place in all human beings.

‘This union is the marriage and the healing all of you are on the Earth plane to seek. Wise ones, who are seriously in pursuit of this, refuse to suppress their feelings with the chemicals supplied by the pharmaceutical industry of your world. No matter how hard their healing journey may sometimes be, they persevere and continue to allow their feelings their natural coming and going. They are resting safely in the knowledge that under the emotional/spiritual debris of many past lifetimes there waits for them the reconnection with their Divinity, the Divine aspect of their own nature. The six-pointed star is a symbol of this healing process. During the journey the upper and lower triangles are slowly merging and melting into each other to produce yet another perfect – that is whole – and Christed human child of the Earth.

‘The femininity of the Divine Mother is that which manifests as tenderness, love and gentleness in life – without these qualities spiritual death ensues. Can you see the importance of the feminine in your world and woman’s place in the great scheme of things? All those who are in the privileged position of presently being in a woman’s body and who are also endowed with womanly characteristics carry great responsibilities. For as long as you fail to recognise this as a woman, you are in danger of allowing your lower earthly and weaker self to act out its attributes rather than manifesting their own version of the noble and divine ones of the Great Mother.

‘The feminine in both genders alike is your caring and nurturing side. And whether you are physically a mother or not in your present lifetime, the work of the feminine aspect of your nature in women and men alike is to give love and provide the nurturing and caring of motherhood for all lifeforms. This expresses itself not only in tender love and sympathy but also with wisdom, a quality that is just as important as the other two. To take possession of the woman within you, you yourself have to develop the Great Mother’s characteristics. This is of the greatest importance, as the Mother aspect is the soul of humankind and she also acts as intermediary between the individual self and the first principle, the will and power of God, the Father aspect of the Divine and your own nature. The Mother is the second principle of the Holy Trinity and the third one is their Son, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns. This is the Spirit of the Universal Christ and each one of you and us is a spark of His/Her radiance.

– To be continued in the next chapter –

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