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The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900, wrote: ‘If you wish your life to be easy, always stay with the herd!’ All too many in our world to this day prefer following that advice and running with the crowd to living creatively and intuitively. That is exactly what we do when we insist on following the old fashioned and outdated doctrines and beliefs of the past. As always in life, we do have a choice. If that is the one we are making, we have to be content with no evolutionary progress and never getting any further than the crowd does. Our own evolutionary progress and that of our world can only be ensured when sufficient numbers of us query and question that which has been handed down to us by previous generations.

Those who willingly live intuitively by listening to and following the instructions of their inner guidance, unafraid of where it may wish to take them, shall be taught by God and the Angels how to take to their spiritual wings. Hand in hand with them all human souls are eventually meant to become capable of scaling the heights of human achievements. Those who aim to work for the highest good and the greatest joy of all humankind and our whole world, will be shown by the Highest how to tap into the most elevated channels of creativity, to help us bring the Sacred wisdom and truth of the Divine onto the Earth plane. All together we are walking up the spiritual mountain of finding an ever deeper and more profound understanding of God’s nature and our own. Anyone who is presently walking behind us and getting the benefit of the trials and errors we encountered on our learning curve, will in due course be required to take us and our world another bit further up the mountain. The same will happen to the ones who are following them, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

The early Christians at the beginning of the Piscean Age were its pioneers and we are presently here to lead the way into the Aquarian Age. Ever more opportunities will arise for discovering and exploring new concepts and dimensions. At times we may have to cover fresh grounds where no-one has walked before. All who in evolutionary terms are ready for this kind of spiritual adventuring shall in due course be guided intuitively into acting as scouts and pathfinders for our whole race, as it eternally surges forwards and upwards in its quest of seeking an ever deeper and more profound inner comprehension of the wisdom and truth of the Highest dimensions of life.

We are creative beings, co-creators with God. And we all have a specific role to play and task to fulfil in the process of conquering the highest peaks of the sacred mountain and scaling the heights of human spiritual advancements and achievements. It is a journey that is going to take all parts of us, individually and collectively, home into the fully conscious awareness of our oneness with our Creator and all life. To equip us for this mission each has been provided with their own unique set of special gifts in some line of creative endeavour that could have taken many lifetimes to develop. Everybody’s gifts and talents have to be applied and dedicated to fulfilling the gargantuan task before us and we all have to search for ourselves what our specific role may be. It’s not hard to find and is done by following our natural inclinations and listening within to the responses we receive from the world of our innermost feelings. If something feels right, it is right – even though it may not be for anyone else.

To return to the herd, could staying with it and running with the crowd really amount to an easy life? In my view, it does not, certainly not in the long run and least of all spiritually. All that living in this manner can hope to achieve is a constant denial of seizing all available opportunities for evolving and expanding our own consciousness and that of our world, each one of us in their own right through their daily experiences. Ours is a world that day by day is growing spiritually more exciting and interesting. All who are presently here and partaking in it are required to learn how to gradually conduct their lives little by little more creatively. As there are many in our midst who have not yet woken up from the illusion of Earth life and who are still unaware of this, it is every healer’s task to assist others in their awakening and help them to find their own healing. 

Being a pioneer and living creatively is not without its trials and tribulations. For example, one often has to walk alone and finds oneself in places and situations no-one else has ventured into before. As a wise one said: ‘The impossible is something that nobody can do, until someone does it!’ And because all things are possible with the help and the will of God, why not give it a try? But watch out, as  those who dare to be different frequently provoke negative reactions from the people around them.

The best thing about being a pioneer is that, as soon as those around us catch up with our perception of our world and realise that we were right all along, everybody starts thinking and doing things the way we have been thinking, speaking and acting, for many a moon. And the most infuriating thing is that some folks will have the gall to say it was all quite obvious anyway, conveniently forgetting that although this is the case now, things were different when we first walked that particular road. Love these people anyway, leave them to their own devices and move on to your next spiritual adventuring and explorations.

At all times, life offers us options from which – one way or another – we have to decide to choose. Making no choice is a decision, too. And it is up to us whether we wish to dissolve into the mainstream or muster the courage to be different by being true to our real and higher nature and act in accordance with it. Those who willingly follow their inner guidance and walk their own way are sure to be offered many chances for moving forwards and upwards on their evolutionary path.

We are spirit and soul, sparks of the Divine, temporarily encased in matter. Each one of us is a many-faceted jewel, special and unique in its own right. It is everybody’s own business to make an effort at becoming aware of this, enabling us to live and express our greatest truths and utmost aspirations in our daily lives. Walking our talk and living by our own highest standards needs to become a matter of course, so that others may wish to follow the examples we are setting. And whatever the nature of our strivings may be, above all else it takes courage to be true to our real and higher nature and to be what no one else can ever be: us.

Apart from everything else, living creatively and remaining creatively actively in some way, as well as involved and interested in the wellbeing of the human race and its world keeps us young. By keeping our brain cells occupied they stay alive and protect us against the symptoms of senility and dementia. Who knows? In due course, we may discover that our special task consists of being called upon by the Highest to act as channels of Its wisdom and pathfinders for those around us. Being guided by the wise one, the living God within, through whom the Angels are constantly communicating with us, that’s the true meaning of walking hand in hand with God and the Angels.

The most heart-warming part of our world is that nobody has to make a splash to change and make a difference in it. Everything begins and ends with us. And for the healing of our race and our whole world it is essential not to overlook that the only really great changes in our world are rarely brought about by those up front. As yet oblivious of the higher purpose of their existence on this plane, many are only interested in the glorification of the self and getting their hands on as much money as quickly as they possibly can, rather than serving the good of the whole. The greatest revolutions are brought about quietly in the background of life through the minute daily efforts of millions and millions of people, who are seriously working on making our world into a more harmonious, peaceful and beautiful world, simply by conducting their lives in this manner. Every small efforts counts!

Take care and God bless.
Happily searching for our special task,
May God and the Angels guide and protect us
And show us the way up the spiritual mountain.

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