All Is One In The Great Soul Of Life

All Is One In The Great Soul Of Life - Rays of Wisdom - Astrology on the Healing Journey

The Great Soul of all life on its deepest and innermost levels, from the highest to the lowest manifestations of life, is one amorphous mass. It was for this reason that humankind’s temporary existence on the material plane once became a necessity. When everybody wanders around and experiences life and themselves in their own physical bodies, one cannot help noticing one’s individuality. Temporarily encasing every spark of the Divine, a spirit, in matter and adding a soul to it, so that we could experience ourselves through the world of our feelings, was the only way each one of us would eventually become fully aware of ourselves as an individual being in our own right. In the course of a great many lifetimes this has successfully created the illusion of being separate from each other, which in truth we are not, never have been and never will be.

As a result of this oneness of all life, every individual soul within the Great Soul is responsible for its own spiritual wellbeing, as well as that of the others and the whole. From the Highest levels of existence the river of life feeds down to the lowliest ones, supporting, maintaining and nurturing all that is. None is ever forgotten or will be left behind. And because love is the law of the Universe, no soul ever struggles on its own, in spite of the fact that it often feels like that on the Earth plane when we are struggling to find our way back home into the conscious awareness of the oneness with our Father/Mother Creator. Help is at hand whenever we need it. All we have to do is call.

Every human soul carries deep within the memory of the perfect and beautiful world from which we once descended into physicality and to which one day we shall return. This is a world that knows nothing of sickness, pain, violence, crime and wars, and all life exists together in perfect harmony. From time to time the memories of this world come to haunt us in order to encourage us in our search for the same perfection, i.e. wholeness that is in our Creator. To achieve this goal the Great Spirit plants in Its children of the Earth an urge to grow and reach upwards, so that our consciousness may expand through learning something from every experience that comes our way.

The illusion of separateness of the physical world never existed in the Great Soul and in truth there is no separation between anything or anyone. All life has always remained one and because of this, whatever happens to one of us is inevitably shared by everybody else and when one of us heals, our whole world and everything in it does the same. This shows how every small effort any one of us makes on their own individual healing journey of a thousand miles is of the greatest value for all life.

Therefore, as often as possible let us withdraw our attention from earthly things and concerns to seek the inner silence that is of God instead. Every human soul potentially is a receiver/transmitter station that has the power to obtain impressions of beauty and heavenly things from the higher and highest planes of life, and also from other people and states of life. In deep meditation we begin to develop our finer and finest senses and be at one with God’s wisdom and truth.

Earthly life with its many puzzles and issues we do not yet understand is frequently very hard to cope with. Yet, as aspiring healers, we are required to steadfastly and courageously follow the guidance from the living God within, to soldier on irrespective of what may come our way. As bravely and nobly as we can, we thus move onwards and upwards on our own individual evolutionary spiral and that of all life. We do this in the hope that the time will soon come when our Highest Self lifts us above the drudgery and heaviness of the Earth plane, so we can start gathering first hand experiences of the goodness of God’s life. May we all have the courage to live, serve and bless everything we encounter. And may we find love and tolerance in our hearts in a living faith that unerringly trusts the goodness of the life our Creator has given us.

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