The Easter Full Moon

Rays Of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - Special EventsWhat has the full Moon to do with the things I told you about in the previous chapter? And why does it have to be the first full Moon after the Equinox? Physically as well as spiritually, each full Moon reflects the maximum amount of the Sun’s light onto the Earth. Esoterically, light is God’s wisdom and knowledge that brings increased understanding to humankind.

Astrologically, the Moon is the symbol of our soul and its earthly personality with its many and varied experiences, through which we all have to learn and grow. Thus, our soul – the Moon – slowly gathers light, i.e. knowledge and wisdom from the Sun – our Highest Spirit Self – that disperses the darkness of our earthly self’s ignorance. When we share our learning with those around us and so lighten up their darkness, God’s eternal wisdom and truth through us enters some more into our world and in this way grows ever more powerful. The soul is the memory bank in which every bit of knowledge our earthly selves gather is stored.

One Moon cycle takes approx. twenty-nine and a half days and when the Sun and the Moon are in opposition to each other in the sky, a full Moon illuminates our world at night. This is always a very special time for giving thanks for everything that is and ever has been in our lives. It is also a time for finding enlightenment. Now, this does not usually happen through majestic earth-shattering and world-changing flashes of inspiration, like the Buddha is said to have received.

But if you watch out around the time of the full Moon in future, you may notice that you are gradually finding a greater understanding of difficult life situations and relationships. Insights may come to you that will somehow make them more bearable and it is possible to help things along a bit. If there are things in your life that are puzzling you, maybe have been doing for a long time, turn to your inner teacher, the Moon, the Universe – whichever appeals to you most – and ask your questions. The answers are sure to come, sometimes when you least expect them. To show your readiness to receive them, make sure to set aside regular quiet times for quiet reflections, contemplations and meditations.

Because of the extra mighty outflow of the blessing and healing power of the Cosmic Christ around Easter, it makes a great deal of sense to place its celebrations as closely as possible to the full Moon after the vernal equinox. And as in a physical and spiritual sense the full Moon reflects a maximum amount light of the Sun onto the Earth, humankind’s celebrations of all times have always ensured that it is received as fully as possible. Thus, the love of the Sun, who all along has stood for the Son, who in the Christian tradition became known as the only born Son of God, has gradually come increasingly alive in our world. Over the ages, it has been reborn in ever more earthly hearts that, one way or another, were being prepared by the celebrations of whatever faith they may have confessed to and followed, during any one of their many lifetimes.

I find it astonishing how the ancients, just the same as the early Christians, fixed the date of Easter and celebrated it, each tradition in its own style, without having a clue of the higher meaning of their ceremonies that to this day may still be hidden to a great many of its followers. And isn’t it amazing how down the ages humankind was always guided into doing the right things? For example, that we celebrated Easter in spite of not knowing that in truth we were taking part in a great Cosmic event, to which the Universe invites all who understand and are thus ready to consciously take part in the festivities, if they so wish. And what would you say if I told you that most of the insights I am sharing here with you came to me around the time of the full Moon before the vernal equinox? Here the Sun and Moon are in opposition in the signs Pisces, ruled by Neptune, the enlightener, and Virgo, the healing and teaching sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods.

Some of the ancient pagan rituals and ceremonies date back to the earliest human settlements on the Earth and are still known and practised to this day. Carrying them forward into Christianity and continuing with them, in a somewhat changed format, ensured an uninterrupted flow of the great festival’s true purpose. These blessings of the Universal Christ have always taken place and will continue for as long as there is any need for them anywhere. It is astonishing to be able to see now how all this went on behind the scenes, unencumbered by any of the beliefs that are by now wildly outdated, which at any given time our world was desperately trying to cling on to.

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