By The Will And The Grace Of God

The Will Of God

Part A

Rays of Wisdom - The Philosophy Behind Stargazer's Astro Files - By The Will And The Grace of God

Everything in the whole of Creation is made by and of God, the Great Father/Mother of all life and the light of their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. It is there and exists only by the will and grace of God. Each one of us is a spark of the Divine and a child of God, all His/Her qualities and powers are also in us. We are true chips off the old block – if that isn’t too disrespectful an expression here. As above, so below. Darkness and light, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, the higher and lower aspects of life, are all in God and therefore also in us. Although on the surface of life some people seem to be all good or bad, do not allow appearances to deceive you – everybody has everything within.

The Earth is but one of our many training grounds and by the will of God all of us are have to take part in every one of the experiences the grand panorama of life has to offer along everyone’s personal evolutionary pathway. Our earthly existence is how the Angels, who are in charge of the development of us and our word, are teaching us the necessary discernment we need to differentiate between the opposing forces of the whole of Creation and therefore also in us, i.e. good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lies, and so forth. These concepts have always been ruled by God’s will and power, and our task as young Gods in the making is to learn how to control and master the various aspects of our nature.

Our earthly education is complete when we have gained a thorough grasp of all its subjects. Humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary journey requires that every one of us, without exception, first has to experience the lowest levels of human existence. This means that at a certain stage of our development all of us once had to walk a pathway that took us down to experience the utterly evil aspects of human nature, including ours. When these lessons have been imbibed sufficiently, to create the necessary balance we slowly but surely begin to move forwards and upwards until all we are bringing forth from within is that which is completely good. Yet, no matter how dark and gruesome anyone’s lessons may turn out to be, there isn’t one from which the grace of God will not eventually release us and help us to find our way into the conscious awareness of our Christ nature, our true nature which is nothing but love. The story of the resurrection of the Jesus myth describes this process.

The lifepath of people like Gandhi and Hitler is typical of the juxtaposition of good and evil. Isn’t it reassuring to know that the most recent lifetime of each of these two souls – the same as everybody else’s – has only been one of many? There is no doubt in my mind that both men, each in their own way, will be offered as many opportunities as they require for the redemption of the Karma they created in their most recent lifetime known to us. To shoulder the responsibility for that kind of Karma is surely a sign that these two men were old and experienced souls, each in his own way.

Having reached the Age of Aquarius, the Universe is presenting our world with the gift of a renewed understanding of the concepts of the spiritual realities that are at work behind all life on our planet and elsewhere. This enables wise ones to get the proper perspective on everything that ever happened and still does on this plane of life. They refuse to sit in judgement over anyone, for the simple reason that there is no way of knowing a person’s Karma, the life lessons they have come to take part in and the special missions that are waiting to be fulfilled by them.

Aware that all of us are like actors who, before coming into our present lifetime, have promised to take on a role and to play it to the best of our ability, wise ones accept that nothing exists outside the will of God. Therefore, even the most abominable dictators our world has ever seen, for example Genghis Khan, Hitler and Sadam Hussein, just as much as their polar opposites, say Gandhi or Mother Theresa, could only appear with the help and will of the Highest. The evil as well as the good they brought into our world undoubtedly were necessary to create the balance that is always required. Through this balancing act, which is constantly taking place in our world, we and our world are taught all our lessons.

Knowing that everything in our world always serves a wise and higher purposes, which we may not yet be able to recognise, drives home the importance of learning to go with the flow and accepting that ‘Thy will be done, not mine.’ When people have spent a lifetime experiencing being evil to the core, like the above named dictators, balance has been created and a great many spiritual debts paid in full. As we once more become aware of the purpose and meaning of our existence, it is highly likely that worst sinners will ask to spend their next earthly sojourn in a saintly fashion, like Mother Theresa or Gandhi. If it takes a thousand lifetimes of this kind of being a good person, even as monstrous debts as those of Genghis Khan, Hitler and Sadam Hussein will eventually have been paid. And there is just one way of restoring the balance of our spiritual bankbook of life and that is each through their own efforts.

Nothing in the whole of Creation has ever been beyond the reach of God’s will and power. This is especially the case when the human spirit first descends into earthly life. The lower self is put fully in charge of its thoughts, words and actions and with their help has to start building itself a soul. As the drives and urges of our animal nature take over, our pathway takes us ever deeper into experiencing the lower and lowest aspects of our own being and of others.

But, when the time is right, the Divine spark in our heart begins to stir from its slumber, our Highest or God Self increases its efforts of getting through to us. In the course of many lifetimes our Christ nature gradually grows stronger. When it has taken over our whole being, the grace of God Him/Herself, from the very core of our own being, shows us how to walk hand in hand with the Angels, moving ever upwards and onwards to experience the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

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