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The Gift Of Understanding - Rays of Wisdom -- Relationship Healing - Healing our Relationship wiith God

The most precious gift that can be found on the Earth plane is understanding. Each time we have struggled our way through particularly difficult and trying circumstances, a fresh load of it arrives in our consciousness free of charge from our Highest or God Self, the living God within. That no doubt is why William Blake 1757–1827, the English painter and engraver, mystic and poet wrote: ‘If God is anything, He is understanding. Understanding is [and can only be] acquired by means of the experience of suffering and distress. Will, desire, pain, envy, and so on, are all natural [inborn in our nature]. But understanding is acquired.’

It can only come to us when we have successfully grappled and done battle with one of the experiences of our life, especially those involving suffering and distress. Will, desire, pain, envy and so on, are all part of the lessons our limited earthly self had to undergo by experiencing them. They too were necessary for the development and growth of our individual soul and the soul of our world. In the course of many evolutionary cycles, together they had to become ensouled our consciousness expanded.

When we slowly gain access to the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of our Highest or God Self, our inner teacher, guru and guide, we begin to consciously conquer and leave behind the drives and urges of our lower nature. In this process we re-discover and become again what we truly always have been and forever will remain and that is pure spirit. Isn’t it wonderful that in the comparatively short time since Blake’s appearance, so much progress has been made in the comprehension of God and us, and our relationship with our Creator? Even more is waiting to be found, of that I am sure.

Every part of the human body is ruled by one of the Sun signs. Pisces, the last one in the zodiac, rules the feet. Souls born into this sign are blessed with extremely high sensitivity. Through the suffering they endure because of it, their consciousness is meant to grow in wisdom, understanding and compassion with all life. Only by experiencing our own suffering can we learn to appreciate and respect that of all other creatures and grow in wisdom, understanding and compassion. That is the only way these Divine qualities can be integrated into anyone’s character make-up.

Esoterically, the feet represent our understanding, literally and metaphorically speaking. That’s why the washing of the feet of the Master’s disciples in the Jesus story contains some powerful symbolisms. In their own way, the Master’s teachings have been trying to wash the understanding of our world, ever since they first came into being? By washing their feet the Master symbolically cleanses the consciousness of his disciple, opening it up for a more profound comprehension of the purpose and meaning of their own life and all life. The Master’s teachings represent a footbath that is intended to cleanse the perception of all who follow them – not necessarily him – by conducting their lives in keeping with his words, acting like him and walking in his footprints.

Possibly even more higher esoteric meaning is hidden in the outer structure of the tale of the Master’s life than in the foot washing itself. The life story represents the evolutionary pathway of all human souls on the Earth plane and its various initiations, especially birth, death and resurrection. Birth, then the slow and painful death of the small self on the Cross of the Earth, the oldest symbol known to humankind of its existence in physicality. Nailed to the cross over many lifetimes, where it hangs helplessly, bleeding to death – until it has been purged of all drives and urges of the lower self. Only then can the spirit, the Highest or God Self, rise from its grave in physicality. Ascending Heaven, the spirit and soul regains its full oneness with God.

To this day, the teachings of all the Masters who ever appeared in our world, are capable of cleansing humankind’s understanding, but not without first finding fresh meanings and interpretations that in this day and age make sense. That’s the special task that faces all healers. Only by re-discovering and re-interpreting any ancient teachings can they serve the purpose of cleansing and purifying us from the dust and rubbish of the illusions, false beliefs and superstitions that have accumulated in our race’s individual and collective consciousness, in the course of many ages. My writings are the footbath the Great White Spirit puts into my hands to give your feet, i.e. understanding, a special treat, if you so wish. The choice, as always, is yours.

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