Why Is There So Much Suffering In Our World?

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One of the greatest mysteries of our earthly existence has always been why there is so much suffering on this plane of life. And why is it that just about everybody is presently experiencing such difficult times? Do you know anyone who is having an easy ride through life? I don’t! Does that ever set you wondering why this should be so? I believe that it is due to the fact that we are presently going through a major transformation of our whole world. Because of this all of us are struggling with repaying the Karmic debts we have accrued in previous lifetimes. Some of our most ancient outstanding issues are waiting to finally be attended to and resolved, to provide the healing all lifeforms of our earthly existence are in need of.

This is especially true for every kind of relationship and in particular the one with God. It also applies to the relationship with ourselves, the most difficult connection of all, as well as that with our whole world and everything it contains. The Karmic chains and shackles we have brought with us into this lifetime are of an emotional and highly complex nature. We ourselves created them, in some cases many lifetimes ago. As long as any unresolved issues remain between two people, their relationship is brought into each subsequent lifetime, until the outstanding problems have finally been satisfactorily dealt with.

Viewed from this angle, it is hardly surprising that most people are struggling with exceptionally tough difficult relationships. They have been brought into this lifetime because it is an extra special one, in which the Universe is offering every one of us sufficient opportunities for restoring the balance of our account in the great spiritual bankbook of life. Whatever it is we may still be called upon to go through in this process, it is essential to reach out for the helping hands of God and the Angels. Everything that has ever happened to us and our world did so for good and wise reasons. And they alone can take us safely through the wilderness of our emotional minefields and in the end bless us with a renewed understanding of the higher meaning of our suffering.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of friendship, kinship and love for everything that shares our world with us. Being true to the Aquarian ideals in all our daily encounters becomes easier when we consciously return into the awareness of our true nature. As the Christ Spirit comes alive and begins to grow within us, our heart slowly opens ever more with compassion and love for our own suffering and that of our whole world. This is the beginning of our homecoming and healing together with God. Learning to trust the guidance that rises into our conscious awareness from our inner teacher and willingly following its instructions, we play our allocated role in the healing of all life, as well as working on the redemption of us and our world.

Forgiveness now grows quite naturally in our hearts, first for ourselves for having created our problems and especially those in relationships in the first place, and then also for all who have ever hurt and wounded us. For us, as children of God, it is of the greatest importance to attend to every one of our outstanding issues as carefully as we can, so that in the end all our relationships are converted into spiritual friendships, in which people meet each other with as much love and respect for themselves as for each other.

On the inner level all life is one and God and the Angels are as much part of us, as we are part of them. In the normal course of events, to allow us to get on with our learning and growing process, they remain in the background of our consciousness. Constantly on standby and observing, they will not interfere with us and our actions, unless being asked. This creates the illusion that we are alone on the Earth plane, but in truth nobody ever is.

German folk wisdom tells us: ‘When the need is greatest, God is nearest.’ It is true that in times of suffering our individual soul and that of our world draws ever closer to the Divine. Yes, it is sad that this should be necessary, but this too happens for good reasons and fulfils a wise higher purpose, the same as everything else in our world. For as long as things are going smoothly, the earthly self happily marches along on its own. In the normal course of events, only in difficult times when we have reached the end of our tether, do we go down on our knees and from somewhere miraculously comes the inspiration to ask for help from above. When we do, lo and behold, it does come – although it may take a while to manifest. In the end this brings us, the human soul, back into closer contact with God.

Wise ones, who have found healing and are now healers in their own right, have learnt from their mistakes and make every effort to remain in touch with their God or Highest Self at all times. They trust this aspect of their being because their own experiences have taught them that it really does know the way of all things the answers to any question they may ever care to ask. Our God Self is as much part of us as we are part of it. Because it has always been with us, it is not surprising that it knows everything that ever happened to us during the whole of our past and present, as well as our future.

Whenever we turn to this part of ourselves and seek its advice, much good can come from any kind of apparent evil. With its help, it is possible to find ways of resolving any problem and healing all relationships, even or maybe especially the most difficult ones. When we patiently endure whatever our Karma of previous lifetimes and this one has brought to us and make a genuine effort at following our inner guidance, the Universal law of compensation sees to it that in the end there will be some kind of reward, which can be great when it eventually comes. And if it happens in the form of increased inner strength and understanding, as well as faith and trust in ourselves and the goodness of life, that surely is the most wonderful gain anyone could hope and wish for.

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