Copyright Notes

My writings are my spiritual property. I am happy to share them with anyone interested in them. Feel free to help yourself. As pointed out in ‘Healers and Healing’:

Spiritual Knowledge Belongs To Everybody

Since time immemorial wisdom from the Highest levels of life has been poured into to pool of human consciousness and this will always continue. Each soul is an integral part of this reservoir of the wisdom and knowledge that has been accumulated over the ages. From time to time, teachers of spiritual wisdom are reincarnating into our world in different cultures and ages, so they can share the gift of their understanding of the true meaning and purpose of our existence with the rest of humankind. To my mind, all knowledge that came to our world in this way has never been intended to be used exclusively by a privileged few.

Souls who are ready to comprehend the incoming wisdom receive it, so that they in turn can share with those around them. It has ever been true that when the pupil is ready, the teacher will be found. Each soul in its own sweet time eventually reaches the level of awareness when it is good and ready to be guided towards the right sources of information that can help it move forward. Whatever insights we find are meant to be shared with those around us and because the knowledge comes to us free of charge, I feel that it is good and right – for me, in any case – to give it away.

I aim to give of my best at all times, so God and the Angels can do the rest, because that is the purpose of our being in this life. We are required to do this in keeping with the special gifts and talents the Universe has bestowed upon each one of us, and in whatever capacity this may be. In the bringing in of the New Age we all have a special role to play and function to fulfil. How can we recognise ours? Through intuitions, hunches and gut feelings that come to us through the world of our feelings the Highest Self is constantly trying to communicate with us, its earthly counterpart. As we learn listen to it and follow its directions, it will unerringly guide us towards the people and experiences that are right for us, at any given moment.

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There Is No Charge

Go ahead, make yourselves comfortable at my table and browse to your heart’s delight. It is richly laid with gems of spiritual wisdom and truth and everything it contains is a gift from the Universe to all. Take what you like! There is no charge for anything. However, wise ones appreciate that everything in the whole of Creation always has to balance. That is why when they have received something from life, they do not to just grab it and run, but make sure that they give something in return, because this creates the required balance in the larger scheme of life, of which we all are a part.

If you feel you have gained anything from my efforts and share the above view, please make a donation of whatever you can afford to your favourite charity. Mine is the Salvation Army, because they do such a lot of good work with the homeless and destitute. To me, one of the worst fates that can befall any human soul is homelessness, on the spiritual as well as the material level. Having experienced the spiritual part of this predicament myself, this is a concern most dear to my heart. And having no place of one’s own to live in, to my mind, is just as bad. On behalf of all those who are suffering on everybody’s own doorstep, thank you and God bless you.

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