Earth Life - A Journey

Rays of Wisdom - Wisdom From the Tree of Life -The Long and winding road

It’s the heart
Afraid of breaking that never learns to dance;
It’s the dream
Afraid of waking that never takes a chance;
It’s the one
Who won’t be taken that cannot seem to give;
And the soul
Afraid of dying that never learns to live.

From ‘The Rose’
By Amanda McBroom

In my view, this lifetime for all of us – whether we are aware of this as yet or not – is not a destination but a journey of discovery that is meant to help us find healing for the wound our separation from God once created and left its mark in the deepest innermost soul memories that are hidden in our subconscious at the core of our being. And each new lifetime is on the Earth is meant to take us a bit higher on the winding road that takes us up the spiritual mountain into the reunion with our the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all Life.

During all explorations of our past lifetimes it needs bearing in mind that because each one of us can only learn through their own experiences to differentiate between good and evil. That’s why in some of them we have to find ourselves at the giving end and in others at the receiving end of good and evil. This has always equally applied to every individual as to groups like families and organisations, nations and even our whole world.

I agree with Colette, 1873-1954, who wrote: ‘Look for a long time at what pleases you and longer still at what pains you.’ To find inner and outer peace and through this healing, it is essential that we  first inspect carefully that which pains or frightens us in this life and then set about looking for suitable remedies. Two of everybody’s most basic fears are the one of life and the one of death. I believe that the best and probably only way of overcoming both is going in search of a better understanding of the processes involved. We shall only be afraid of life and death for as long as we still lack a reasonable grasp of the purpose and meaning of our earthly existence and what lies behind it.

The song of the rose speaks to us about the soul who is afraid of dying and therefore never truly learns to live. My life has taught me that this is true. Trying to help you overcome your fear of death is the purpose of this article, because only through making it our business to learn all we can about life and its processes, can we ever hope to finally shed all our fears. As that is one of the main reasons why this lifetime has been given to us, come and join me on my journey of exploration.

Learning to live without fear is one of the key factors of the healing journey of our present lifetime for each one of us. Sharon Maas writes in ‘Of Marriageable Age’: ‘You cannot hide from death [no-one can]; you can only reach down inside yourself to find the strength to help you face it.’ How very true! But when we reach within, we are on our own with God. And that hurls us immediately into another, equally important and frightening fear, the one of God. This is a vicious circle, if there ever was one. Because we do not understand God, we are afraid of letting go at the moment of death, when the Angel calls for us, to take us home – to God. The way I see it, if we wish to overcome our fear of death, we owe it to ourselves to first investigate the nature of God, then our own and our relationship humankind with our Creator. Please follow the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

The next vital step is to become aware that the fear of God and of death is so deeply routed in our consciousness, because in previous lifetimes – maybe also in this one – we were taught to be afraid of God. That is why this fear is a particularly hard one to shake off. Quite literally, the Heavens, i.e. the highest levels of life, alone know how many lifetimes of indoctrination we have behind us, probably a great many more than we imagine. In past lifetimes these fears too were necessary, but now the time has come for shedding them, once and for all.

The great wisdom of our Divine parents provided that our fears should protect us against experiences we were unready for. Unfortunately, the fears continue even when we are ready. In spite of not having been raised on a steady diet of Christianity and its beliefs, the fear of death has always been exceedingly strong in me. As a matter of fact, overcoming every one of our fears is what all my writings have always been about.

I believe that the fear of death mostly consists of the feelings that gripped us during past lifetimes when the moment of yet again parting company with our physical body drew ever closer. As many different cultures contain a notion that we have to go to some kind of hell or purgatory when we leave our earthly existence, we are all likely to have passed through such an experience in quite a few of our lifetimes during the course of our evolutionary journey up to the present.

Through this the fear of death by now has so deeply embedded itself in our soul memories that it is one of the most difficult ones to let go of. But now the time is right for finding out that heaven and hell are not places that anyone goes to,  that they are states of consciousness that human beings are so good at creating for themselves and those around them. And because humankind has been given the precious gift of freedom of choice, it is up to each one of us individually to bring our own ideas of Heaven down to Earth, right here and living them in every one of our daily encounters.

A great deal of spiritual wisdom and knowledge is presently coming to our world. It is worth our while to study what we find carefully, for it alone can help us to cleanse humankind’s individual and collective consciousness of many of the outdated beliefs and prejudices that still abound.

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