Returning Loved Ones To God

Rays Of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Returning Loved Ones To God

O Great Father/Mother of all life,
We bring You our dear departed ones
And place them into Your loving hands.
They were not lost to You
When You gave them to us.
In the same way we shall never lose someone
When we let go of them and hand them
Over to You and Your Angels.

You are as much in us as we are in You,
But Your giving is very different from ours.
Whatever you give is not taken away from anyone.
On the inner plane of life all is one and
There is no separation between anything and
Everything that is yours also belongs to us.

The creative power of love is immortal and
Because all life created and given by You is eternal,
Each one of us is Yours forever.
Our physical bodies pass away and turn to dust and ashes,
But the essence of our being will never die.
What our world calls death in truth is but
A passing of our spirit and soul
Into another dimension of life,
Which we, in our present evolutionary state,
Can only imagine.
Sadly, all other worlds are hidden to
The limited perception of our small earthly selves.
Beloved Great Father/Mother,
On the wings of Your sacred wisdom and truth
Help us to raise the consciousness of our world
To an increasing awareness of Your realms.
Open our inner eyes,
So that we too may perceive with ever greater clarity
That the spirit world is our true home
And that all who have passed into it
Are alive and well.
Safe and cared for by Your love,
They are enjoying themselves in the one place
Where everybody is at home and welcome.

Thank You for the knowledge of
Your Universal laws.
By observing their effects on our lives,
You are providing us with living proof that
Everything does return to its source;
That therefore no-one can ever
Get lost in the vastness of Eternity;
And that all life forever rests safely
In Your loving embrace.


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