Our Children As Teachers

Rays Of Wisdom - Healing Corner For Parents And Children - Our Children As TeachersIsn’t it a comforting thought that on the inner level of life our children are our siblings in the great family of humankind, our brothers and sisters who entered into yet another lifetime through us, so both of us could temporarily act as parents and children? All of us are in this life so that we may learn to love wisely, the way God loves us and there could be no better teacher, provided by life itself, than acting the parts of parents and children. It is a great honour to be a parent, because in earthly life we are then acting as feminine and masculine physical manifestations of the Great Father/Mother, the true parents of every human being.

If our Divine parents love us sufficiently to allow each one of us to learn from their own experiences and to make our own mistakes, why then should we be so blind as to deny that same God-given right to the children who, for a while, have been entrusted into our care? And yet, isn’t it the single most difficult experience of all to stand by and allow our children to make their own mistakes, so that they may learn from them and grow, the same as everybody else is doing? That is the way God loves us all; no earthly parent can give their children a greater gift than doing the same for them.

One thing is abundantly clear to me. Had I been aware of only a fraction of all I know now, when my children were born, how much more mutually satisfactory and satisfying a job I could have made of rearing them. Oh, what I would have given for that! This section was written in the hope of making a small contribution towards helping you do better than I did. It is an attempt at paying some of the debts I owe my life for all the wonderful gifts it has been and still is bestowing upon me. If you are getting some benefit from it, then my living truly has not been in vain.

No matter what may ever befall you or your child, bear in mind that no soul ever chooses a pathway that is too hard. As tough as life may be at times, no cross is too heavy to bear. No soul incarnates to shoulder more than it can carry. If ours is a particularly heavy load this time round, the likelihood is that we are an old and highly evolved soul, who has chosen to grow some more through these experiences. And if our children helped us as parents to become more patient and less selfish and self-centred in our loving, let’s not forget to be thankful for it.

During their times in earthly life all human beings find themselves imprisoned in something like the hold of a great ship. We cannot glimpse the beauty of the ocean of life through which it is ploughing its way onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral back into the radiance of the Universal Christ’s Light, whose sparks and who has always remained linked with our hearts.

Earthly education is compulsory, but no-one forces us into another lifetime. Yet, on every occasion we newly arrive in the world of light for rest and recuperation at the end of another earthly sojourn, once more we become aware of the vastness and beauty of the ocean of God’s Creation, through which the good ship humankind has been ploughing for a long, long time. At that stage we realise that if we ever wish to move on to lessons of a more elevated nature, we better get on with doing time on the Earth. And so we apply for another lifetime and that is always our own choice.

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