The Child's First Seven Years

Rays Of Wisdom - Healing Corner For Parents And Children - The Child's First Seven YearsDuring the first seven years of each subsequent earthly life children almost exclusively operate on the frequency of their Moon. That’s why for the span of that time they are much more in touch with their subconscious drives and soul memories than later in life. They also have a much better contact with the world of spirit than the adults around them could ever hope to find. The Moon’s influence ensures that children at first are closer to their mother or the feminine nurturing and caring side of their father, if he for some reason takes over the mothering role.

In the birthcharts of both genders the Moon represents the feminine aspect of the human nature. The important females around us, like mothers, wives and partners, are outer manifestations of this part of our being. You can read more about this by following the link at the end of this chapter. The Moon represents the nurturing and caring aspect of the Divine Trinity, the Great Mother. Her astrological sign is Cancer and Her house the fourth. For the first seven years of their lives every child is under the special care of the Great Mother and the Moon. The influence of these energies makes children highly psychic and because of this their connection to the spirit world can be very strong. If your child tells you about playmates that are invisible to you, the likelihood is that they are friends your child made in the spirit world, who are now coming to play with it. Even though you cannot see them, rest assured these friends really are there.

If your child is highly imaginative, maybe a soft, sensitive and dreamy Piscean, it needs to be allowed regular special times for dreaming and going within. Providing every child with the right sources of stimulants is essential, for example listening to soft and gentle music for the Piscean child. And every child benefits from being encouraged to express itself creatively and artistically. But as too much escape from the realities of earthly life is not good for anyone, such activities need to be balanced by more earthbound ones. For the all-round wellbeing of every child it’s good to gently and lovingly pull them down to Earth and firmly place its feet there.

The deeper we move into the Aquarian Age, the more the awareness of the world of spirit and its realities is going to increase. It will soon be the norm rather than the exception for parents to encourage their children to remain in touch with this their true home and ours. After all, having just left it, they remember better than we do that this world is not some place elsewhere, but an integral part of everybody’s earthly existence.

Regular sessions of meditations, quiet reflections and prayers are helpful for adults who wish to re-establish their contact with the spirit realm and through this once more take possession of the most precious and beautiful part of themselves. It’s all too easy to lose the knowledge of this in a world that, on its surface, appears to be growing ever colder and more materialistic. How much more fortunate children and adults alike shall be when everyone is aware of their true higher nature and lives by its values and characteristics in all their encounters. At last there will then be peace in our world.

Last but not least, whether we like it or not, it has to be faced that as soon as the purpose of one of our earthly lifetimes has been fulfilled, irrespective at what age this has been achieved, we leave our physical body behind and our spirit and soul go home into the spirit realm. Because children are still so close to that world, they leave the earthly plane with great ease. They have not yet acquired the mental barriers, which every human being gradually absorbs from the false beliefs and fears of those surrounding them. When the time for our departure into the spirit draws close later in life, these obstacles have to be wrestled with and overcome. In sharp contrast to this, children remember that there is no need to be afraid of the background of their earthly existence. And so they gladly accept the Angel of Death’s hand and joyously re-enter the greater freedom, ease and beauty of our other world and true home.

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