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Rays Of Wisdom - The Healing Corner For Parents And Children - Astrology As Educational InstrumentEach one of us is an individual and a very special, precious and unique being. That’s why there is no point in trying to make our children carbon copies carbon of ourselves. Wise ones know that it would not work anyway, so why try? Whenever possible, they allow their youngsters to follow their own natural tendencies in games, recreations and occupations. Those who truly desire their happiness, need to resist the temptation of trying to force their offspring into they way of life. If, for example, a child is timid and shy, horse riding could be sheer hell. Why should it have to do something is so dislikes? For an artistic child a business career would not do. Being compelled to do things that go against their nature, all we can hope to achieve that in the end our children are learning to hate their work and life, and us, too.

When it comes to making some of the most vital decisions on behalf of our children, they are inevitably in the weaker position, because for starters far too many choices have to be made much too early in their lives. To help our children fulfil their highest potential, most of all they need to know that we love them unconditionally and that we believe in them, no matter how impossible their behaviour may sometimes be and how abstruse their interests may appear to us. Let’s not brainwash any child into believing of itself as a failure, because it cannot do with the same elegance what we believe we could do, at their age. Even if it mattered, did we really? And even if we did, it’s all water under the bridge now that the memories of our own worst growing-up pains fortunately have faded considerably. Almost certainly we have by now forgotten what a tough time we had acquiring the skills and the panache for the things we are capable of doing now.

Did anyone ever prepare you for rearing children? Did anyone teach you how to be a good parent? Do you unfailingly know what to do for the best? Is it inevitable that important work like the rearing of children has to be guesswork and is largely done by trial and error? There have to be better ways of going about it that promise a degree of success. What I know for sure is that I would have made a much better job of bringing up my own children, had I been equipped with at least a working knowledge of human nature and the spiritual background of life. Astrology has been immensely helpful to me and in the right hands it can be turned into a great instrument for getting to know and appreciating ourselves, as well as everybody else.

The individuality of every ‘little stranger’ who has chosen to come through us into this world, helpless and naked, seeking our protection and love, can easily be recognised with the help of my interpretations of the Sun signs. * I cannot imagine a field of human endeavour where astrology could be more useful than when it comes to rearing children, if only through familiarising ourselves with the typical behaviour patterns of the different Sun signs. For example, let’s say you and your partner are strongly under the influence of placid and kind, loving and earth-bound Taurus. Should your child ‘happen’ to be born into Aries, learning how to handle a little fireball with loads of restless energy inside, who finds it impossible to sit still for any length of time will be a tall order for you.

Believe you me, this kind of thing happens quite frequently. No matter how trying such situations can be, they are sure to be alleviated by a working knowledge of the basic energies of the signs involved and the special lessons the parties involved have come to integrate during their present lifetime. For starters, being aware that your child cannot help its own nature and the manifestations of its energies and life lessons straight away enables you to be more tolerant towards your child.

But if the mother is a Sun Aries, the scene is set for quite a different picture. She is the masculine positive and outgoing, impatient and aggressive type of parent. Should her child be under the influence of a lot of feminine passive and receptive watery energy, for example when its Sun and/or Moon are in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, the youngster is likely to be highly psychic, sensitive and far more emotional than the mother. For as long as she is unaware of what is operating within herself and her child, getting along peacefully with each other is almost impossible for these two.

To the mother’s greatest annoyance her offspring may frequently burst into tears. Alas, as that is its nature, it cannot help itself. But many times the child’s weeping to the mother appears to be for no good reason. She could then be tempted to think of this as a weakness that has to be driven out of the obstinate youngster, by her. The child’s emotional outbursts might in time make the mother feel so fed up and angry that their life together could easily deteriorate into a living hell for both. The awareness of the child’s natural inclinations would surely help the Aries woman to be more tolerant and patient with her child.

Should the youngster be a boy, this is even more important. It will then do him a world of good to be not only allowed but encouraged to express his emotions and shed a few tears here and there. If he can be taught to do this in a place where he cannot be seen and where he can be sure nobody calls him a sissy, he will be protected against emotional blockages that in later life may have to find an outlets in bouts of deep depressions and also physical illnesses like rheumatic complaints and arthritis. Besides, your understanding and wisdom will save him from acquiring the wrong kind of reputation among his peers. You will also be boosting his self-esteem and with the passing of time his love and admiration for you will multiply for being so understanding.

If you have followed my advice of becoming your own astrologer * and apply the skills you have developed through this to any newly born child, you will be amazed about how much you already know about the tiny creature in your loving arms. To you it does not have to be a stranger and an unwritten book. It will help you realise that it is by no means a vacuum that is waiting to be filled – by you and any number of other teachers that will be entering its life in due course. Your knowledge will enable you to encourage your child to bring forth, from within itself, the highest and best characteristics of its Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign, rather than getting lost in the negative ones. Gently coaxing and encouraging it will go a long way towards building a happy relationship for the two of you.

To the people around you who believe that any newly born baby is something like an unwritten book, they are allowing appearances to fool them. How about taking a printout of this article, maybe this whole sect in of my jottings, and handing it over to them? Won’t they be surprised to find out about the things every new child brings with it? Even the thought and behaviour patterns we developed in previous lifetimes, as well as our fears and anxieties, false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions we bring with us each time we enter into another physical body in search of consciousness expanding experiences. Each time anew we are presented with the task of sorting the wheat from the chaff by keeping that which is good, right and beautiful in our character make-up and discarding the rest.

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