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God’s highest law of life is love. All other spiritual laws have their roots in this one and radiate out from it. Loving is our natural state. Everything else belongs to the learning curve of earthly life and can only ever be a temporary state. We have come from love and we are returning to it and that without exceptions. The core of everybody’s being is spirit and pure consciousness and all of us are in this life together so that from each other we may grow in wisdom and understanding. Each one of us can only do this through their own first hand experiences. This continues until our vibrations have become so refined that we can consciously be re-united with God.

Newly born children are particularly good at teaching those around them how to love totally and unconditionally, the way the Great Father/Mother of all life loves each one of us. Every human being eventually learns how to love this way, i.e. wisely, impersonally and with detachment, instead of emotionally and out of neediness. This kind of love is not possessive and clings neither to people nor things. Although the experience of possession and possessiveness are part of our earthly curriculum, in truth we do not possess anything or anyone. Even our physical bodies do not belong to us. They are temporary gifts that have to be handed back to Mother Earth, at the end of each lifetime.

The bringing up of children, as any honest parent of grown-up children will probably confirm, is an exceedingly tall order for mere mortals, like you and me. But even though the rearing of children is the most difficult and trying task we are ever likely to tackle, when viewed from the spiritual/evolutionary angle it is at the same time the most rewarding and important one. The most helpful item of wisdom that to this day has come my way is that our children are not our children, but the children of God and life itself. And if one wishes to establish a healthy parent/child relationship, the awareness that the little ‘stranger’ in our arms is a fully evolved soul and spirit in its own right is essential. What a humbling thought that in soul terms, this child may be much older than we ourselves are, i.e. more highly evolved.

As we progress on our evolutionary path, through our experiences we steadily gather knowledge and wisdom that expands our awareness and understanding of life. Steadily we move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life and the only thing that truly ever belongs to us is our consciousness. Whatever we manage to add to it in learning is ours to keep in all eternity. That’s why no child that is ever born on the Earth enters into a new lifetime with nothing. Accompanying each new tiny body is always a fully formed spirit and soul at the evolutionary level it had reached up to the point of departure from its previous earthly sojourn. This time round it has again brought with it every bit of the wisdom it acquired in the course of all previous ones.

I find it good to know that any wisdom our spirit and soul finds along its pathway through earthly life we take with us into the world of spirit, in preparation for all coming lifetimes – and way beyond, when we have reached the evolutionary level that Earth life can no longer teach us anything.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘Memories of Reincarnation – White Eagle’s Work in the Present Day’: ‘Love is the law of life and God’s will is that each one of you learns to love all people and constantly sends out light in the form of goodwill to the whole of humankind. Unbeknown to those dwelling on the Earth plane for a long time, we, your guides in the world of spirit, have always been working on the development of human minds and hearts.

‘We are glad to say that, as the years were speeding by, your race passed the darkest stages of its spiritual development. It is good to see how the Divine spark of the Universal Christ, the perfect Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life, is increasingly waking from its slumbers and manifesting itself ever more powerfully in many of you and your whole world. Through rising above the drives and urges of your lower animal self and overcoming them, you make room for your own Christ nature to come to the fore of your consciousness, so it can gradually take over your whole being. Constant progress on the evolutionary spiral of life is every human being’s Divine inheritance and sacred destiny.

‘God’s great plan of life and the Universal laws decree that what you begin in one lifetime, you will always continue during the next one. And when, at the end of your present earthly lifetime, you return to us in our world, you will still be working to guide and inspire, bless and heal humankind, just the same as many of you are presently doing.’

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