The Adventure Of Life

What an amazing adventure this life becomes when the scales have finally fallen from our eyes and we recognise its background! With this the time has come for shedding all manner of false beliefs, including the one that a child is but an empty vessel that has to be filled by the people surrounding it. Gone are the days of indoctrinating our children with too many of our own beliefs. Only the ones that have been truly useful to us and therefore have stood the test of time are worthy of passing on to anyone, especially our children.

Just think! Each and every one of us has all the knowledge in the whole Universe within us. In view of this, would it be too extreme to say that, in some way, children do not need any education at all? Why then do we insist on pouring unnecessary things into vessels that are only seemingly empty, when in fact they are already full to overflowing? We are here to encourage our children to fulfil their highest potential and that can only be achieved if their own inner knowledge is allowed to come to the surface, so that from there it can flow into our world for the benefit of all.

A newly born child is not an unwritten book either. From the moment of its birth to that of its death, everything that is ever going to happen to each child in its present lifetime has been carefully mapped out in broad outlines by its Highest Self and the Angels. Included are every relationship it will ever have, the people it will meet and every learning opportunity that will eventually come its way through them. All we can do as parents is to love and support our child to the best of our own ability. Knowing that it contains, the same as we ourselves do, the very best and also the worst, it is our task to gently try to steer it towards giving of its best, pointing out from time to time that it is not doing this for us, but for its own highest good. It needs bearing in mind that we are all in this world to each fulfil our own dreams – which may not necessarily be the same as our parent’s – because they are an integral part of the soul dreams of our whole world.

With the degree of understanding of the spiritual backdrop of life we are now finding, the issue of nurturing versus nature also takes on a very different slant. Yes, we are influenced by our environment, especially by the early participants in our upbringing. But, the more experienced and older in soul terms we are, the greater the percentage is bound to be of the characteristics were developed in previous lifetimes and brought into this one. It stands to reason that the percentage of nature, i.e. what was already our spiritual property before our present birth into physicality, is much lower in young and inexperienced souls than in older ones. When one considers the spiritual setting of life, one can only come to one conclusion and close the debate with the following statement: ‘As on the Earth plane we cannot know any soul’s Karma, it is futile to even attempt to guess the percentage of nature and of nurture.’

Although it often seems that we have inherited certain qualities and limitations from our parents; in truth this is never the case. Everybody is on the Earth to act as teachers and pupils to each other. We come through one particular set of parents because their energies and those of the environment they live in suit the requirements of our learning experiences for the coming lifetime; their life lessons are also very similar to ours.  This is true, even if we have come through a long family line of alcoholics or manic depressives. What may appear on the surface of life like something inherited, and therefore has to be put up with, on its inner level it is by no means some kind of an ancestral curse that has befallen us.

Make no mistake about it, we ourselves are responsible for everything that is in our life and this condition is no exception. We ourselves created it in previous lifetimes and we have brought it into this one in the hope of resolving and overcoming it. Now, it is our Karma, but in spite of the fact that on the surface of life it may appear like some kind of retribution, that is never the intention behind it. We do well to bear in mind that the law of Karma is part of the law of love. Divine love has no need for punishing; it teaches instead. That is why each new lifetime brings for every soul opportunities for redeeming itself and making good any harm it once caused to itself and others.

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