The Law Of Karma

All life in the whole of Creation is ruled by Universal laws. To my mind, the most important one of them is the law of Karma, of cause and effect. Applied to parents and their children, the law of Karma sees to it that during our present lifetime we get the kind of parents we ourselves have been in others. Our parents mirror back to us the way we once were in previous lives, how we behaved towards little ones that had been given into our care. The Universe puts the power over our destiny into everybody’s own hands. The kind of parents we are in this lifetime decides what parents we can expect to be born to, next time round, should another appearance in physicality by us. It’s basically that simple!

The vibrations we radiate out into our world are a result of different character traits our soul has developed, with the help of its earthly personality, in the long course of its evolution up to the present time. Every incoming soul is subject to desires, i.e. it feels drawn to certain positive and negative experiences. The positive ones are going to help it develop its existing character traits of this nature some more. The negative ones always present the soul with opportunities for transforming its weaknesses into strengths. The birthchart is like a snapshot in space and time that was taken at the moment we drew our first breath. It reflects, mostly by the position of the Sun by sign and house, in which direction our spirit during the coming lifetime will be mainly be pulling us forward, and on the development of which aspect of life the newcomers efforts will be focused. 

I believe that, as far as the wondrous event of the birth of a baby is concerned, that which takes place behind the scenes of life is of far greater importance than the parenting role played by women and men in our present existence. It is on the higher and highest levels where most of the miracle in truth does take place, as without its consent no new life of any kind can come into being. Here it is decided whether and when a new body is created through two people, so it can serve as a vehicle for a spirit and soul who may have been waiting for a very long time in the world of spirit for another lifetime on the Earth plane.

The way I see it, every newly born child brings into its present incarnation the sum total of all its experiences. Their memories are now stored in its soul, the structure the spirit builds for itself throughout all the experiences of all its lifetimes, from the moment of its creation until the present one. Countless millions of vibrations resonate in every human life and from the moment of its birth the soul is subject to desires. The soul comes to the Earth under a directing influence of the planetary Angels, and protected by its Highest Self it is guided into thoughts, words and actions that ensure its spiritual progress.

Depending on the knowledge the soul is seeking during its present earthly sojourn, these can be positive as well as negative ones. The decisive factor is that the resulting experiences should lead the soul into a better understanding of such concepts as darkness and light, good and evil, and so forth. At some stage in its evolution every soul must learn about both ends of the scale and everything that lies between them. Long before any soul ever make its appearance in physicality, the whole plan of its coming lifetime is carefully laid out in the great book of life. To ensure maximum room for the expansion of its spiritual growth on the Earth plane, this is done in broad outlines only. To help it grow in understanding, behind the scenes of life the Highest Self of every soul is constantly planning and preparing the learning opportunities that are required most of all for our present state of development.

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