Letter To A Friend On The Birth Of A Baby

Congratulations on the safe arrival of the latest addition to your family circle. It’s good to hear that one of God’s children has been sent to share another one of its temporary homes in earthly life, in the hope of achieving as much spiritual growth as possible. How aware are you that this newly born child has brought its own Karma and also the wisdom it has thus far gathered in the course of its previous lifetimes, which have been stored in its soul? All of us bring this part of our being into each new lifetime we enter in search of more consciousness expanding experiences.

Apart from taking care of the physical needs of our children, I see our task as parents as loving, nurturing and cherishing them for what they truly are, the same as we ourselves are, spirit and soul temporarily encased in matter. We are in this life to help them, to the best of our ability, not to get lost in the illusion of their present earthly existence but to remain conscious of their true nature. That is the only way we can ensure that our child makes the spiritual progress that is its birthright and fulfil its highest potential for its present lifetime.

Even though I may not know you personally, I am aware that the child in your loving arms is a very special one. No need to be particularly big-headed about this though, because every soul is one of those. Recommended Reading: ‘What Do Our Children Learn At School’, ‘You Are Special’ and ‘About Children’ – see table of contents. I trust that these items will provide you with a few starting points for a better understanding of your new arrival.  As I am no friend of birthchart interpretations for babies, later in this work I am going to show you how to apply a touch of D.I.Y. astrology to this situation.

In my view, the intimate and detailed information a birthchart can contain about anyone should be made available only to the owner of the chart. It should never be revealed to another person; maybe least of all it its parents and even the most doting grandparents. This kind of information, either in the wrong hands or used in a moment of anger could provide a nasty weapon against any child. And who would pretend to be free from that altogether in the rearing of children? Which ordinary and healthy child does not occasionally drive even the most loving and patient parents to the point of distraction? When the little darling does so, the information could turn into the opposite of what it was intended to be. I remember driving my parents round the twist sometimes and my children did the same to me, in spite of the fact that none of us were young tear-aways, by any stretch of the imagination.

If you ever had a full interpretation of your own birthchart done by someone, you are likely to understand this better. Neither we, as parents, nor our children, are Angels. So far, we are imperfect human beings who require – children and grownups alike – all the love and help we can lay our hands on. This is where astrology really comes into its own. When used wisely, it can provide parents and grandparents with valuable insights into a child’s character. It is the most wonderful tool imaginable for learning to appreciate everybody’s uniqueness, including that of our child’s and also our own. Our child carries our genes inside, but it is neither our property nor an extension of us, as many people believe to this day. I cannot say that I regarded my children as some kind of a property, as my mother still did. Yet, until I became more aware of the spiritual background of life, I may have considered them to be an extension of myself. So, take heart, if you are one of those who – like me – have a great deal to learn. That after all, it is reason for our being here and it is also why I have written this letter for you.

A few more considerations one ought to bear in mind when one intends to become a caring and loving, as well as an enlightened parent or grandparent. Who would not like to be one of those and why else would anyone be interested in asking for an astrological interpretation for a newly born? To me, the most important point to be born in mind is that a complete and whole soul and spirit, an autonomous entity in its own right, has been entrusted into our care. A child is never merely some kind of an appendix or extension of us.

Why has this soul chosen to honour us, out of all people, with its presence? Because we are the only ones in the whole of Creation who can provide it with the experiences and lessons it requires for its present lifetime. That is a lot of responsibility to carry and a pretty sobering thought, is it not? This principle, by the way, applies as much to our children as to our relationship with our own parents.

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