Getting To Know Ourselves

Life is one gigantic animated work of art that is forever improving and evolving. Even that which is still ugly in us and our world serves a valuable evolutionary purpose and is merely waiting to be made beautiful, too. And because the Great Artist and Designer of the whole of Creation wants all its works – including us and our world – to grow and evolve into ever more beautiful forms, from the time of the first appearance of our race on the Earth, the Universe has provided us with different types of guidance that are at all times available to all who have developed the inner eye to perceive them. In spite of the fact that for a very long time individual souls remain unaware of the presence of the various kinds of guidance, they have always been provided for us.

One of them is through the environment we find ourselves in. Wherever this may be, life itself demonstrates how our existence – our own and that of the whole of Creation – is a never ending progression that will forever go on and on. All life and all lifeforms are constantly unfolding and evolving into higher and more beautiful expressions. Clearly, the fading away of the material things we witness all around on this plane of our existence reveals itself as not only very necessary but also beautiful. The process of clearing away the old, so that God and the Angels can bring new life into being is at work throughout the whole of Creation.

In our world this is particularly visible in autumn before the winter’s rest, when our deciduous trees shed their leaves. Nature’s wisdom causes them to be pushed off because of the new life that is waiting behind them, in preparation for next spring. When one takes a closer look at the leaves at the height of the summer, the new buds are already there and slowly getting bigger, as we move through summer and autumn. The decay of all matter clears away that which has grown old and outlived its usefulness. This makes room for new and still more beautiful creations to come into being. All decomposing that occurs in Nature heralds some kind of rebirth. The same is true whenever someone leaves their physical body behind. The moment of the passing of the outer shell is the spirit and soul’s rebirth into their true reality. ave our physical bodies behind. At the moment of its passing, our spirit and soul are reborn into our true reality.

All human souls have always found themselves on an extraordinary odyssey of exploration and learning that consists not only of one or two lifetimes but probably many thousands. It is a voyage that takes each one of us back into full conscious awareness of God’s true nature and our own and whose result is the healing of our relationship with our Creator. This is why, since time immemorial, getting to know ourselves and God has been humankind’s most essential task. Through that which can be seen with our earthly eyes on the Earth plane the Universe has always sent us its messages and provided us with feedback of one kind and another. Alas, it takes a long time until we realise that our environment acts like a mirror that very wisely – for better and for worse – reflects back to us what we ourselves are on the inner level.

Many are only now beginning to wake up to the realisation of the Universe’s way of guiding, protecting and teaching us, its beloved children of the Earth, to grow from robbing and plundering the precious resources of our beautiful home planet into its guardians and keepers. To this day, every one of the problems of our world has been and still is caused by a sheer lack of understanding of humankind’s true nature and purpose of our being on the Earth plane. For wise evolutionary reasons this phase of our development undoubtedly did not happen perchance but was designed so that we should learn from the mistakes we make along the way.

Before our world came into being, the wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of life decreed that it should be thus and that, only in the fullness of time, the presence of Its guidance should be revealed to us. Paying attention to it and following its directions can considerably speed up the progress of our evolutionary pathway, as this enables us to conduct our lives in more wholesome and meaningful ways. However, to benefit from the Universe’s messages, human souls have to be ready to receive and take advantage of them. An ever increasing awareness of their presence makes it easier to read, decipher and take advantage of them.

Our race belongs to the animal kingdom and like all its occupants, not merely the animals mentioned in this part of the jottings, we also have instinctive reactions and it is unwise to ignore them. The greatest hindrance is that we, Earth’s human children, have been equipped with an earthly logical and rational thinking mind. It was given to us to help us understand and make sense of our present existence, but alas this frequently gets in the way.

Besides, having been provided with the voracious desire nature which we touched upon in previous chapters that just wants, wants, wants. For as long as this aspect of our character remains beyond the control of our higher nature and its only support is our earthly mind, it is capable of leading us down ever darker alley ways, so we may grow and learn from the experiences they provide. There is nothing to stop any human soul from sinking ever deeper into the abyss of the darkness of Earth life, until we eventually recognise the error of our ways and recognise that going on forever in our same old ways means not making any progress on the evolutionary spiral. When this realisation dawns in our consciousness, it heralds the beginning of the ascent back into the full and conscious awareness of our oneness with our Highest or God Self and the Source of our being.

As one becomes aware of what is operating behind the scenes of all life, the animal world can be turned into an outstanding educational tool for us. We are meant to learn from them which behaviour patterns are wise and which ones are not, if we individually and as a race wish to move forward on our evolutionary pathway. To my mind, the flight of the geese is but one of the finest demonstrations of the infinite love and wisdom with which the Great Father/Mother of all life takes care of all Its children. With equal meticulous attention it provides for every last detail of our lives. Scrutinising the various parts of the animal kingdom, one discovers to one’s astonishment how much our own behaviour is actually reflected in that of the animals. Or could it by any chance be the other way round?

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