Good Morning Starshine

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’

Part One

Rays Of Wisdom - Songs Of Inspiration - Good Morning Starshine

Good morning Starshine,
The Earth says hello.
You twinkle above us,
We twinkle below.
Good morning Starshine,
You lead us along.
My love and me, as we sing
Our early morning singing song.

Good morning Christ Star,
O Light of all lights and
Sun of all suns.
All earthlings say: ‘Hello!’
You radiate Your light into our world
And we respond to it from below.

Good morning Christ Star,
Please lead all of us along.
We kneel before You and
Our early morning song
Sings our gratitude and
Praise for You.

Our whole world yearns for the
Spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age
Of believing what our heart and soul
Tell us is true.
May Your honesty and truth,
Loyalty and integrity rule
Us and our world,
For ever and ever.


From the musical ‘Hair’
About the Age Of Aquarius

Book and lyrics by
James Rado and Gerome Ragni
Music by Galt MacDermot
Adapted by Aquarius

This part was inspired by a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that reached me from the White Eagle Lodge during the Coronavirus pandemic: ‘Many people in your world are as yet unaware that every one of you, without exception, is a spark of the Christ Light and therefore a child of the Great Father/Mother of all life. The time has come for ever more of you to find out that all characteristics and powers that are in God are also in you. And that means that in the present situation none of you is as helpless as you may think you are.

‘The infinite wisdom and all encompassing, understanding and therefore forgiving love of the Highest Forces have granted every human being the precious gift of freedom of choice. And choose you must because not choosing reveals that you are supporting those who are once again trying to rule humankind with the power of fear. This is how a comparatively small minority in your world is at the moment trying to exploit the mass of people for selfish gains. That’s how the religions of your world once ruled humankind and therefore represents the way of the past. No person or organisation of your world will ever be allowed to act the part of the priesthood.

‘This is because by now the Aquarian age has been reached. It is the age in which all Divine qualities, especially those of honesty and truth, are slowly but surely taking over the role of humankind’s supreme rulers. It will not come about through an outside force, but through each and every one of you bringing forth, each from deep within their own being, the characteristics of their very own God or Christ nature. And it’s up to every one of you choose to cower fearfully, like a rabbit in front of a snake that given half a chance will surely eat it, or whether you would rather turn to God and the Angels to request that they show you intuitively how you can contribute to humankind working its way out of its predicament.

‘The help of God and the Angels cannot come to anyone without asking. But they are happy to advise those who turn to them. For a long time they have working on humankind’s awakening to its true higher nature. The present situation is a wake-up call that is accompanied by an opportunity to prove that with their help and will all things really are possible, that crooked corners can be made straight and any condition healed.

‘They are waiting for your call because they need the help of every one of you as much as you need theirs. To set the wheels in motion, take care to go about it the right way. In your moments of quiet reflection and meditation request their guidance and protection before venturing into healing mode. Pay attention to what comes to you intuitively, trust the instructions you receive and follow them.

‘Know that the Christ Star’s light has the power of absorbing all darkness and fear that exists on all levels of your planet. In the Divine Trinity’s healing temple the Angels of healing and peace are constantly occupied with uplifting and transmuting such energies into blessing and healing ones that from there flow to anyone who is in need of it and works on restoring it to normal healthy functioning. Every year at the special time of the Wesak Festival the roots of every human being can reach particularly deep into the heartmind of the Divine Trinity. In return they are provided with a steadily increasing unshakable faith and trust in the profound goodness of the life that every one of you has been given.

‘In your imagination now visualise the spiritual inner level of life where the whole of humankind is kneeling before the Great Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the spirit of the Universal Christ. They are praying for Divine mercy and forgiveness. Let’s join them and add prayer to theirs:

‘O Great White Spirit and the Angels please grant every single one of us and the whole of humankind the gift of Your guidance and protection. Please show all of us intuitively how to go blessing and healing our world, so it can return to normal healthy functioning for all lifeforms that shares it with us. Become aware that every human earthly mind and imagination is a powerful instrument. As co-creators with God, each one of you has the power within to create good as well as evil, sickness and also good health.

‘Take good care how you use this your very own precious tool. And now imagine that the Christ light’s warmth and love deeply penetrates every cell and atom of your own being and flows from there into your whole world. Watch how everything it touches that is harmful for anyone’s wellbeing is uplifted and transmuted into something beneficial. In particular concentrate on the different types of Coronavirus. Observe the Christ Light strengthening the immune system of humans and animals affected by them and how the symptoms of their afflictions are clearing up and their whole being restored to its normal healthy functioning.’

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Good Morning, Starshine – Part Two


Rays Of Wisdom - Songs Of Inspiration - Good Morning Starshine - Covid-19

‘Progressing on the evolutionary spiral is the birthright of humankind and everything that shares your world, as well as the planet itself. Anything that influences it in harmful ways is trying to interfere with this and hold all of it back in the past. Everything of this nature represents their crude and unevolved state and in truth is nothing but a relic from the past. This applies to all kinds of damaging bacteria and viruses and in particular the Coronavirus that’s been given the name of Covid-19.

‘Love and evolution together are the main Divine law that rules life in the whole of Creation, including that of the Earth. In keeping with this law, the damaging influences that remain anywhere are merely waiting to be changed into something beneficial, in this case not only humankind but everything that shares your planet with you. That’s why God and the Angels, through us, invite you to take part in the following: during your times of quiet reflection and meditation imagine that the Covid-19 looks like the image above. Observe how the full strength of the Christ Star’s light deeply penetrates into the virus and how through this its colour changes from red to a pleasant green like the trees and grasses of your world.

‘This invitation is the tool that God and the Angels are herewith laying into the hands of anyone who is reading this. Please do not forget to share it with as many as possible of those around you, so that they too can make their very own contribution to changing your world’s present situation. It’s up to each one of you whether it will continue for an indefinite time or reach its natural end. With your help it could come much sooner than anybody dares to think at the moment and that in quite a magical way.

‘God bless every one of you and keep you safe, forever and ever. To us, your spirit friends and helpers, it makes no difference whether anyone is as yet capable of following our invitation or not. We love all of you, totally and unconditionally, because we are aware that, in the fullness of time, even the last and slowest one of you is going to wake up from their spiritual slumber and get to know God’s true nature and their own.’

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