Recipe For Creating A Happy Home

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp For Relationship Healing - Recipe For A Happy Home

Take two loving hearts and
Melt them into one.
Add lots of love.
Mix well with respect.
Add gentleness, laughter, joy,
Faith, hope and self-control.

Pour in gallons of understanding
And don’t forget patience.
Blend in ears that know how to listen.
Allow each other to grow and share.
Sprinkle generously with
Smiles, hugs, and kisses.
Bake for a lifetime.

Yield: One Happy Home


‘That’s all very well,’ I hear you say, ‘but how many of us can actually achieve that state of affairs?’ Well, the aim of this part of the jottings is to help us all to get a bit closer to it. It is dedicated to another aspect of warfaring that is probably even more destructive than the conventional kind on this plane of life. To my mind, relationships represent in many cases the most vicious and damaging battleground to human souls of all. Every small effort to conduct them in more harmonious and peaceful ways counts as a valuable first step towards making our whole world into a more peaceful one.

Each one of the feuds in our family circles is a microcosm of the macrocosm of all the wars that have ever been fought on the outer plane of our world between the different members of the families of nations. They all were and still are reflections and outer manifestations of the struggles within the microcosm of our inner self and the families surrounding us. More wars are fought in this way in the smaller family circles than in the world around us. And I know from first hand experience that they can be far more destructive to the souls of all participants than any fighting in the outer world could ever be.

Buildings that have been destroyed can be rebuilt and the souls of those who are killed move into the world of spirit, to rest and wait until they are ready to re-enter another lifetime on the Earth. Destroyed relationships are far more difficult to repair, as we all know. The wounds we inflict upon each other in our human conflicts we take with us into the world of spirit. We bring them and the relationship with us into our next lifetime and all following ones, until the differences between us can finally be resolved and the wounds healed. All wars in the material world eventually come to their natural end, no matter how long they may last. But, unless someone eventually starts to work consciously on healing such troublesome relationships, all unresolved issues that are left behind at the end of each earthly sojourn have to be freshly tackled next time round.

This is where astrology really comes into its own. Better than anything else, in my view, it can assist in finding a new appreciation of the other’s and our own uniqueness and preciousness, as well as their particular pathway and the special lessons they have come to learn which – in spite of being connected with us – may be very different from ours. Focussing on the other’s inner beauty and strengths, instead of on their flaws which, after all, everybody has on this level of life or we wouldn’t be here, sets us free from the negative frame of mind of criticising and fault-finding missions, the most destructive element in any relationship.

With hindsight it’s easy to see that the Astro Files were created specifically for the purpose of healing our relationship. From the beginning, they have been available free of charge to all. Familiarising ourselves with the purpose and meaning of this life in general and all human relationships in particular, getting to know our own and the other’s special requirements and soul needs for the present lifetimes, increases our understanding of ourselves and others. In the form of astrology the Universe places an invaluable instrument in everybody’s hands for doing just that. It, like no other means known to me, can help us create happier, more harmonious and mutually satisfying relationships.

First and foremost this happens when we stop to expect reactions from our partners of which they may as yet be incapable, because the relevant part of their psyche has not yet been built in by them. We are all in the process of becoming more whole and we attract others into our lives so they can help us develop and integrate some of the parts that are still missing in our own psyche. We are meant to do the same for them in return. When this purpose has been fulfilled for one of the partners, the other one either learns from them or their ways separate, so each can draw different people and life lessons towards them. All that is part of the beginning of the wisdom, which we have been placed in this life to find and with whose help the infested parts of all relationships can be forgiven, healed and removed, once and for all.

This Time Round
All of us are blessed with individuality.
We are different from each other,
Because that is how God wants us to be.
And that is why perceptions and opinions often differ
And we can’t see eye to eye with others.
But, when angry words are spoken and tempers start to fly,
Let’s calm ourselves and make an effort to step into the other one’s shoes,
So we can see their point of view and reconcile our differences,
The way the Universe wants us to do.

Only through getting along with others, through every kind of strife,
Can we hope to be friends, when – at the latest –
At the end of our present lifetime our ways have to part.
We have been placed in this life so our horizons should broaden
And our spirit and soul grow in wisdom and understanding.
So that gradually we can get ever more from
The span of time that has been allotted to us,
This time round.

Edited by Aquarius

* * *

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