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The essence of two more teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one is under the heading ‘Have No Fear’ in Stella Polaris Oct/Nov 2003: ‘A sorrow can be likened to a rainy day when the Sun’s light and warmth breaks through the clouds shines onto rain that’s still falling somewhere and a rainbow appears in all its glory. This also happens many times in human lives. Look to the light of the Great Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the Christ Star. Know that from them can come nothing but the best and the highest, that your loved ones are in their care and their love for them is greater than yours could ever hope to be.’

‘We are aware that many have to endure much suffering before they are allowed to depart from earthly life. It would help their development if they became aware that all human afflictions are not ancestral curses or were thrown upon people by a vengeful God. They themselves bring them about through faulty thinking and behaviour patterns, either in their present lifetime or previous ones, probably both. * Accepting this concept is helpful for the learning and healing process. It shows that you understand and have grown in wisdom because you are taking responsibility for yourself and everything that is in your life. It enables you to forgive yourself and ask anyone you have hurt and wounded in past lifetimes, wherever they may be now, for their forgiveness.

‘All kinds of suffering cleanses human souls of the shadows of the past and makes good the spiritual debts that were incurred and left behind in previous lifetimes. This redemption combined with forgiveness brings the desired healing and peace. And that eventually sets you free to apply for another earthly sojourn in which you can practise kindliness and goodwill towards Mother Earth and all her kingdoms, and looking for the good in all people and situations. Sending nothing but positive thoughts and vibrations into your world empowers you to consciously add to the Universal positive stream of consciousness and that of your world.

‘At the end of such lifetimes, when someone’s moment of departure not only from the earthly plane but also from the need for a continuation of their education in the material world has come, they are rewarded with the happy ending of the great initiation into the spirit world and the full consciousness of God’s love. This state of bliss, commonly known in your world as Heaven, is one of the most beautiful experiences imaginable. We too went through it when our earthly education had run its course, the same as many of you are presently experiencing.

‘That’s how we can tell you that there really is no death and that it’s but a very thin veil that separates those on the Earth plane from the ones who are already in our world. They are still alive, just the way they were when you knew them. Because they have left their physical bodies behind, their spirit is flying freely. Therefore there are much happier than it ever was possible during their times in the physical state of being. With earthly eyes you will never be able to see anyone in our world, even though in its own way the body in which they are presently moving about is as real and solid as yours. The great hope of your loved ones is that their friends and families on the other side of the veil will awaken into the awareness of the spiritual background of earthly life while they are still taking part in it.

‘In your world it can be extremely difficult to see that our Creator is indeed the God of love and that the life you have been given is a good one. This is not the case from our perspective and we would like to give you an example of some of the beautiful things that happen in our world. Souls who newly arrive here may at first feel a little strange. But each time a loved one is thinking of them in earthly life, a ray of warm golden light reaches them that tells them that a loved one is thinking of them. This is particularly strong when someone thinks of departed ones with joy and says: ‘I know you are alive and happy. Knowing it brings me contentment and happiness. Go forward into the life that is now yours, beloved. I know that there is a great deal of work waiting for you.’ By thinking along these lines, you in earthly life can do a great deal for your loved ones in our world.

‘When it comes to applying for another lifetime on the Earth while resting in our world, human souls are like the sailors of your world. After a while of being at home, they long for distant horizons. When these have been explored sufficiently, they yearn for home, mother and other loved ones. We hope that what we are telling you here will help you, when for you the moment of departure from your earthly existence has come, to let go and willingly reach for the hand of the Angel who has been sent to take you home.

Hopefully, after heaving read what we are telling you here, you will no longer think of Earth life as a vale of sadness and tears, but recognise it for what it truly always has been. It is a vast exercise ground that at all times is flowing over with golden opportunities for human beings to grow in wisdom and understanding, each through their own consciousness expanding experiences. Supporting you the way we are doing here furthers the evolutionary pathway of each one of us and our whole group, the White Eagle group of spirit guides.

From ‘The Gentle Brother’ Stella Polaris Oct/Nov 2003: ‘We know how difficult it is for you not to be sorrowful and mourn about the loss of loved ones. Our task is to help ever more of you to become aware of their life in the spirit world. Do not think of them as being separated from you. It is only the lack of their physical body that creates an impression of separateness. Yet, in truth all life is one and there is no separation between anything. Your thoughts can reach your loved ones and the happier they are, the more content they are.

‘Our spirit world is a beautiful place and having arrived in it, your loved ones are finding themselves in most agreeable circumstances. Knowing this will surely help you realise that there is no need for grieving, merely rejoicing. When you wish you could help your loved ones in some way, think of them with nothing but happiness. Each time you rise to meet them in spirit and in a communion of light, you are blessing them and are being blessed.

‘Every rainbow in earthly life is a special blessing and a benediction that brings healing to all who are seeing it and also the soul of your whole world. It is a gift from the Spirit of the Universal Christ, the spiritual Sun behind the Sun in the sky above you. And every drop of rain that falls from it is a manifestation of a tear someone in your world is shedding. Each drop clears away a bit of the suffering that caused the tear.’

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