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The following is the essence of two communications from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the January issue of ‘Stars of the North’: ‘The sole purpose of every one of the messages we have ever brought you is to assist the pure white spirit of the Christ Child in all human beings to descend from the Highest levels of life onto the Earth plane, so it can grow into adulthood there. Today we have come to tell you about the special significance of birthdays and anniversaries, whether they are celebrated by individuals, whole groups of people or maybe in commemoration of world-wide events.

‘Days of this nature bring a subtle but significant spiritual power to your world that tends to be overlooked by people for the simple reason that they do not know about it. But the time has come when ever more of you need to become aware that your direct connection with the Great Father/Mother of all life is particularly strong on such days. The same is true for the link with the Angelic hierarchy, who helped to bring each one of you and us into being. They have been taking care of you and meeting every one of your needs, since the moment your infant spirit emerged from the heartmind of God. There is an increased receptivity to the beneficial influence of the energies of these invisible forces on birthdays and anniversaries. In the fullness of time all human beings are meant to learn how to tap into them, not for keeping selfishly to themselves, but for sending out into and sharing with the whole of your world.

‘For example, each time you send the light from your souls during services of commemoration, your thoughts of the people you have come to honour are flowing from you with the added force of that which you are celebrating and for which you are giving thanks and praise to the Highest. Every birthday in earthly life is a special day for you and each time you gratefully acknowledge the gift of your life, you open your whole being to our Creator’s blessings, which brings an expansion of consciousness that flows into you directly from the Source of your being.

‘In the younger days of your earthly existence every birthday is filled with joy and a pleasant anticipation of good things to come. Yet, because of a lack of understanding of the purpose and meaning of your life, this does not always continue with the advancing years. This changes profoundly when you become aware of your true nature and that your spirit and soul are immortal and cannot die. They have no age and in truth it is not death that is waiting for you at the end of each earthly lifetime lifetime, but the release into the greater freedom of the spirit world, your true home.

‘Having grasped this, you realise that later in life there is every reason to be grateful for having grown older and more mature in knowledge, wisdom and understanding and most important of all: your ability to love. Every birthday that finds you richer in these qualities provides you with more grounds for praise and thanksgiving to the Great Father/Mother of all life for the many opportunities you were offered so that these characteristics of your nature could grow and expand.

‘The energies of the highest forces are available to all human beings whether they celebrate the event quietly on their own or with many guests, a special dinner and a fireworks display after maybe. Each method can be your very own way of giving thanks for the gift of your life. We, the wise ones in charge of your development in the background of earthly life, know when someone is spiritually still too closed off to grasp and appreciate these things. We do not mind and are there for them just the same, because we know that in due course even the last and slowest one of you will wake up to God’s and our presence and understand. There is great rejoicing in our world each time this happens to someone.

‘And now, in the profound silence of your soul, when your earthly thoughts have been stilled, the emotions subdued and your mind is set on thoughts of the heavenly realms and the Divinity of your soul, the light of the Christ spirit stirs in you. It reveals itself through a feeling deep within you that is beyond all thought and takes you ever closer to our Creator, the Source of your being. You become aware of God’s enfolding love as a strengthening and an upholding power from deep within your own being which aligns your spirit with the cosmic life. This is the centre of truth and no-one can think their way to it. It can only be realised and sensed in the profound silence. And that’s the only way of finding God and reaching the centre of truth.’

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