I Am With You Always

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - I Am With You AlwaysThe English standard version of the Bible tells us in Matthew 28:20: ‘Behold, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’ Now that the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth is with us, my inner guidance adds to this: ‘I am not an outside force. I am with you and part of you. That’s why I shall always be with you. I accompany each one of you to the very gates of Hell. For a long time unbeknown to you, you will be safe even there, because I am with you. From that point of your evolutionary journey I am guiding you into the discovery of My true nature and your own and your conscious awareness of your oneness with Me.’

This truly is a life affirming statement, if ever there was one. It draws the attention to the fact that every human soul must learn about the dark and darkest aspects of life, as well as the best and lightest, highest and noblest ones, and that during any of these experiences we are never left to our own devices. God and the Angels are always with us. They are not merely waiting at the other end of the long and dark tunnel of earthly life, but are constantly walking with us.

No matter how deep human beings sometimes sink into dark and negative conditions, God’s great plan of life – for each one of us individually and our world – decrees that the developmental turning point eventually has to be reached when our higher nature stirs from it slumber. We then begin to peer beyond the ends of our noses towards the distant spiritual horizons of our existence. This enables us to take the long distance view of all life and our own in particular, and we can recognise the true value of everything that ever was. The realisation that the only things that truly matter are those of the spirit and the evolutionary journey of all life makes it much easier to keep our eyes on the task before us. Feet firmly planted on the Earth, we then willingly learn and grow from every experience that comes our way, grateful that good, bad and indifferent alike can teach us something.

Wherever your spiritual endeavours may lead you, never take anyone’s word for anything at face value. This goes for that which is now before you as much as it does to the knowledge that was given through any of the legends of the great teachers of your world, even the Buddha, the Master Jesus, the Prophet Mohammed or, in modern times, White Eagle. Do not let any of the stories end with reading someone’s teachings, but listen to the responses that come from deep within the world of your feelings and your heart. The words of even the wisest tales may be outdated and in need of re-interpretation. This happens for the simple reason that at the time they first appeared in our world, humankind was unready to comprehend higher esoteric meanings that are hidden behind their surface words.

And whatever you may find, always bear in mind that truth is a very flexible matter and everybody’s is slightly different from the next person’s. We all have some absolute truths in our lives; their nature depends on our soul’s perception and the spiritual degree of maturity we have reached, at any given time. As these things are constantly changing, what might have been absolute truth to us yesterday may no longer be valid today – never mind tomorrow!

In your spiritual explorations, always pay careful attention to and follow the guidance of the One, who dwells in your heart, and listen to Its voice. Rejoice, if your inner feelings resonate with what is before you and seem to say: ‘Yes, this makes sense!’ It means that another morsel of your own truth has moved from your subconscious into your conscious awareness. If however your heart murmurs something else, then it will be worth your while to look further into the matter. Do not be disturbed if your perception of truth varies from that of others, but remind yourself that you could be meant to take us and our world yet another step forward on this journey of discovery of spiritual wisdom and truth, with which we and our world can find healing and peace.

As pointed out so many times, the knowledge and understanding we are now finding present us with the key for unravelling the deepest mysteries of our own existence and life throughout the whole of Creation. That’s how every human being on its pathway back into the conscious awareness of their true nature can empower itself to make their contribution towards putting an end to all the miseries and suffering of our world. The surrender to the will and wishes of our Highest Self is a natural progression when we appreciate that everything that ever happened to our race, individually and collectively, has been part of the wisdom and love of God’s evolutionary design, for each individual, our race and everything that shares our world with us. Making wise choices becomes easier when one realises that the only free will any human being ever has had and will have is to make their own decision about how to react to people and circumstances.

God is the Great White Spirit, the Father/Mother of all life; no higher force or authority exists. Without spirit there is no life and nothing can come into being. We are all children of God, here by the grace and the will of the Divine. God’s will alone holds the very atoms of every cell of our being together, thus making it possible for us to be here, at all. Our Highest or God Self alone knows the way each one of us must go. It determines where we find ourselves at any given time and which lessons we need to master.

The grace, love and will of the Father, the masculine aspect of our Creator, brings everything into being through the wisdom and love of the Great Mother, Its feminine counterpart. The only born Son is the Great Light, the Universal Christ, the Sun beyond the Sun in the sky above us. Every soul is one of its sparks that has been waiting for its call to come fully alive. God’s eternal light is now drawing all souls ever closer unto Itself. There is no division in God, all is one and works harmoniously together. The opportunities for proving ourselves worthy of our exalted ancestry and heritage lie before us. Free will decrees that it is up to each one of us to accept the challenges involved.

All Things Are Possible
With the help and the will of God,
All things are possible.
If our minds can conceive it
And our hearts believe in it, it can be done.

Father/Mother Creator, grant me the gift of your wisdom;
Help me to choose wisely, so that I may
Work for the highest good of all and
Never again for purely selfish purposes.

Six pointed Star

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