The Carrot, The Egg And The Coffee Bean

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A young woman was getting so fed up of struggling with the difficulties of her life that one day she went to her mother and poured her heart out as follows: ‘Everything I touch seems extra hard and difficult, so much so that by now I am wondering whether there is any chance for me to eventually make a success of my life. It seems as if as soon as I have solved one of my problems, a new one rears its head. Would it be better if I threw in the towel and simply gave up?’

Thinking about this for a moment, the mother took her daughter into the kitchen. Without saying a word, she filled three pots with water, which she placed on the stove on a high flame. When the water had reached boiling point, the mother put some carrots into the first pot, some eggs into the second and some ground coffee into the third. When they had boiled for about twenty minutes, she took the pots off the stove. Out of the first one she retrieved the carrots and placed them in a bowl, out of the second one the eggs and the coffee she poured into a coffee pot. Turning to her daughter, she said: ‘What do you see?’

As the daughter was as yet unable to perceive any point in this exercise, she replied: ‘Carrots, eggs and coffee. So what?’ The mother asked her to step closer to the first pot, touch one of the carrots and tell her what it felt like. ‘It’s soft!’ ‘Now try one of the eggs and break it.’ ‘It’s black and blue and as hard as a brick!’ ‘And now take a sip of the coffee.’ Tasting its rich aroma, the daughter smiled, but still failed to understand. So she asked: ‘What are you trying to tell me?’

‘Well, can you see how the objects before you faced the same condition of boiling in water and how each one reacted differently? The carrot went in strong, hard and unrelenting, but after being boiled long enough it softened, became weak and mushy. Being very fragile, an egg’s only protection against the outside world is its thin outer shell. After having been exposed to the boiling water for the same length of time, the egg’s liquid inner discoloured, became tough and hard. Only the ground coffee beans reacted quite differently. Putting them into boiling water changed them into something fragrant, aromatic and enjoyable.

‘And now ask yourself: Which one of these are you? When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Like a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean? In any of your encounters with problems how about asking yourself: ‘Am I like a carrot that seems strong, but when pain and adversity come my way do I go soft and lose my strength? Or am I like an egg that starts with a soft heart, yet changes its colour and texture in the heat of the battle of life? Is my spirit a fluid substance like this, so that after someone’s death, a breakup, a financial hardship or other trials it grows hard? Although my outer shell still looks the same, on the inside have I become bitter and tough and my heart has changed colour and become hard? Or am I more like a coffee bean that has the power of changing hot water, i.e. painful circumstances so that as a result whenever the waters of my life get hot, they release from my inner being the fragrance and flavour of my true self, my higher God or Christ nature?’

When things are at their worst, a positive inner attitude towards life and the experiences that come our way empower every one of us to view any kind of situation from a different perspective. When we understand that Earth life is a place of learning, a school, we recognise that every experience that comes our way represents us with a lesson of some kind. The Great Father/Mother in their infinite wisdom prepares every one of them for their beloved children of the Earth. Each one comes to help us learn something from the events that come our way so that our consciousness keeps on expanding and, with the passing of time, we constantly grow ever more Heaven-tall. That’s how everybody eventually fulfils the higher purpose of their earthly existence. The main laws of life are love and evolution, i.e. evolution based on love. The more we express our true nature and strive to conduct our life in harmony with these laws, the more our earthly self becomes one with its higher God or Christ nature and the closer we come to the heart of God.

This approach to life can turn any apparently negative experience into a positive one and out of something that on the surface of things looks evil, with the help and will of God and the Angels, not only can but is meant to evolve into something of good. During our darkest hours and the times of our greatest trials this kind of thinking helps our spiritual wings to grow and unfold. Whatever we’ve already got to know of God’s sacred wisdom and truth at any given moment can help us to lift ourselves above any kind of situation and perceive its true value within the greater picture. When we thus look at life from the perspective of God and the Angels, it becomes easy to recognise the wise and loving purpose that lies behind everything that’s ever happened in our world and is doing so to this day. That includes the present situation.

Every earthly existence has to have its trials and tribulations. Otherwise there would impossible to grow in wisdom and understanding that helps our consciousness to expand. Bearing all this in mind, whenever future adversities come your way, how about asking yourself: ‘How shall I handle this? What would I like to be? A carrot, an egg or a coffee bean that is flavoursome and aromatic, enriched by the wisdom and understanding I am going to find on this part of my life’s journey?’ The choice is always ours.

To paraphrase Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Swiss Psychiatrist and Author: ‘Truly beautiful people are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle, loss and who worked their own way through these experiences, hand in hand with God and the Angels. Out of the depths of the hell of human suffering they have risen with a fresh appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving empathy with the pain of others. Beautiful people do not just happen, they can only grow and evolve on the Earth plane and that in the course of many lifetimes.’

Everything that’s ever happened in our world and still is doing, fulfils some kind of a wise higher purpose and that most certainly applies to our world’s present state. So let’s trust the flow of life and deal with every day as best we know how to. Let’s take to the spiritual wings we have grown so far, rise above the situation and watch with interest how things develop. If you follow the links at the end and study what’s provided there, I hope what you find there assists you with unfolding and spreading these wings. However, refuse to believe anything at face-value, including what’s coming your way here. Only if your inner guidance, the wise one and living God within you, tells you through the world of your feelings that it is true, take it on board.

This is your built-in lie-detector and everybody has their own. Develop the habit of constantly paying attention to responses that are constantly surfacing from within the very core of your own being. It’s your inner teacher and guru who knows the way of all things as well as the answers to any question you may ever care to ask. Even if something reaches you from a reliable source, independent of what anyone may say about it, its responses are the only truly trustworthy guidance that’s available anywhere. It comes to every one of us free of charge.

Taking to our wings and patiently observing what’s going on in our world everywhere, let’s feel safe in the knowledge that, no matter how things may still have to develop, we and our world always have and forever will rest safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels. No-one else has any true power and especially not the pharma industry with its paid professional troublemakers and scaremongers. The Aquarian age is the age of truth and because of this, no-one in the whole of Creation will ever be able to hide the truth forever. Knowing about this provides us with a mighty pair of spiritual wings for rising above whatever happens in our world, as well as the patience of waiting unperturbed until the truth about the plandemic’s background has completely revealed itself.

Created by Anon.
Adapted by Aquarius
Updated September 2021

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