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Below is a link for a video that allows us to take part of how, if only for a brief moment, an eagle really swooped down from a great height onto our world. With a camera strapped to its back, the bird descended from the highest point on the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Minutes later it landed on the hand of its falconer, who was waiting on the ground.

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When you fly with the eagle in this video, you will notice that the closer the camera gets to the Earth, the clearer its life comes into focus. Could there be a better demonstration of how one all too easily gets caught in the illusion that Earth life is all there is to humankind’s existence?  

But there comes a time for every human spirit and soul on the Earth plane, when it starts to grow spiritual wings and slowly gains a better understanding of the fact that our earthly existence is constantly unfolding against a spiritual backdrop. During this phase of our development we occasionally manage to lift ourselves above the conditions of Earth life on the wings of some kind of spiritual knowledge that comes our way – not perchance! For example, we might get hold of what the White Eagle group of spirit guides once gave us through Grace Cooke, their spiritual medium and co-founder of the White Eagle Lodge.

With a bit of luck – or rather if the time is right for this to happen – the knowledge we are finding captures our imagination and opens our inner vision a bit, maybe for the first time in our present lifetime, and we begin to perceive that there are realms of existence that lie beyond the realities of Earth life. And it dawns on us that a wise higher purpose lies behind everything that happens in our world. Nothing does so perchance or by accident but is part of our Creator’s great evolutionary plan of life, in which even the most horrendous events have purpose and meaning.

We are delighted to get an inkling of the fact that great things are in store for humankind and its forever continuing development, which eventually will take us onto the higher and highest levels of life. But no-one is meant to stop at this point. In the long run it is not sufficient to fly on other people’s wings, because each one of us is destined to evolve into a seeker of wisdom and truth, a bringer of light – spiritual wisdom – in their own right. Our own spiritual wings can only grow through adding our insights and findings to those that are already available, never by merely reading someone else’s.

The knowledge all of us together are gathering alone can help us, individually and collectively, to develop the skill of flying ever onwards and upwards into the higher and highest realms of life. To assist us with fulfilling this task, the information required for the building of our new and peaceful world is flowing ever more forcefully directly from the Source of our being into the human heart and soul of those who are ready to receive it. This is how our Highest or God Self, in whom we are all one, increasingly takes over the role of acting as humankind’s sole teacher and guide.

The eagle is the symbol of the Great White Spirit. The more highly evolved we become, the more this eagle’s mighty wings can lift not only ourselves but our whole world above the temporary realities of Earth life, to perceive those of the higher and highest levels of life and become with them. When we share the knowledge we find on our inner journeys of discovery with those who are ready to receive it and understand, they too can benefit and see the greater picture of life with ever increasing clarity of inner vision.

For me, more than the shadow of a doubt has always hung over messages received through spiritual mediumship. And it’s good to know that there is none of this when fresh parts of God’s sacred wisdom and truth flow into our own heart. In the final analysis, every human heart is part of the Universe’s great heart, the seat of all wisdom, knowledge and truth, and the source of all creative ideas. These things are much easier accessed when our only desire is to serve the highest good and the greatest joy of all, in accordance with God’s will and wishes, in keeping with our inner guidance.

We are in this life to learn how to love wisely, the way God loves us, totally and unconditionally. Every one of our thoughts, words and deeds  eventually becomes an expression of our love and respect for humankind, our whole world and everything that shares it with us. This is only surpassed by our devotion to our Creator, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life. To Him/Her we give thanks and praise for bringing everything into being and for nurturing and maintaining it by day and night.

As soon as we have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level, that is all our heart and soul desire to do. Love is the key for unlocking the mysteries of all life. Love understands all and therefore forgives all. Yet, because it understands there really is nothing to forgive. In God’s time, not ours, love has the power to make all crooked corners straight and ugly people and things beautiful – mentally, physically, spiritually and metaphorically speaking.

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