Do Things Work Even If I Don't Believe In Them?

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Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Do Things Work Even If  I Don't Believe In Them?The eminent Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, 1875-1961 was a man who, in his time, deeply influenced the thinking of our world. He was the founder of analytical psychology, also known as Jungian psychology. Recently, I came across one of his poignant comments from ‘The Undiscovered Self’, Collected Works, published 1956. As far back as then, he held the view I have shared for a very long time myself that, if at long last statements like the one that the Christ rose from the dead is to be understood symbolically, instead of literally, the new interpretations we shall then find do not need to conflict with the knowledge of previous ages. In fact, understanding the biblical themes symbolically can and indeed does put an end to the speculations that the Christian hope of immortality is invalid. It merely interprets and presents it in a different way. After all, long before the coming of Christianity humankind believed in a life after the death of the physical body. We therefore had no need of the Easter events of the Master’s death on the cross and his subsequent alleged resurrection, as proof of and a guarantee of immortality.

Jung thought that the danger that a mythology that was understood too literally and the way it is taught by the Churches to this day, will suddenly be repudiated lock, stock and barrel was now greater than ever before. He too asked the question whether the time has come a long last hat the Christian mythology, instead of being wiped out, should be understood symbolically, as, in my view, it is meant to be. Equipped with the wisdom of hindsight, it is not hard to see that my jottings came into being to prevent just this. Although I had no idea that this was the intention behind them, when I first started writing about my insights into such matters, as time went by, almost of their own accord they grew into one of the – maybe many – contributions to ensure that this does not happen.

Jung’s words reminded me of how, from time to time, I have been asked: ‘Does Astrology really work?’ Having witnessed how unfailingly and with what astonishing accuracy it does, my answer has always been: ‘Oh yes, it does!’ Some go further: ‘And does it work, even if you don’t believe in it?’ In my view, when something is true and right and there is sufficient evidence to prove that it works, then anyone’s disbelief does not have the power to change this. And that applies to astrology as much as to all other aspects of life. Remember when we were children? No matter how fervently we believed in Father Christmas, we finally had to grow up into the realisation that there isn’t one.

The same is true for those who have not yet heard about the law of Karma or maybe people who know about it but do not believe that there is such a thing. Anyone’s ignorance or disbelief does not change that we, the same as the rest of the whole of Creation, are subject to Universal laws. They provide that every action causes a reaction and not knowing about this has never protected anyone against having to live by the consequences of their actions.

This principle also applies to all other spiritual concepts, including that of a personal saviour and redeemer, who will come to our rescue. Irrespective of what firm beliefs anyone may hold about this, every soul eventually has to learn from its own experiences that this is impossible. Through improving our character by changing our behaviour patterns and with the help of the contributions we are willing to make, not only towards the welfare of the human race, but of our whole world and all life that shares it with us, in the fullness of time each one of us has to grow into their own saviour and redeemer.

Only through bringing forth, every one from within the very core of their own being the Christ-like qualities, slumbering in seedform in every human soul, can the Christ, the Universal Christ and the living God eventually develop into the saviour and redeemer of us and our whole world. Its history demonstrates all too clearly that no-one can change an untruth into a truth merely by thinking of it as true. By believing in the former no-one can change it into the latter. No matter how hard anyone to this day may believe that Jesus Christ is going to be their saviour and redeemer, when this simply never happens even the simplest soul in the end must come to the conclusion that the life of Jesus is but a legend and no-one but each for themselves can save and redeem them.

In this context it is worth remembering that some basic truths are unchangeable. As we all know, there were certain periods in our world when the majority of people believed that our planet was flat and that it was the centre of the Universe. This could not change the truth that the Earth is round and only one small planet in a remote corner of the Universe that orbits the Sun, the same as the other planets in our solar system. Finding new knowledge and speaking about it in those days was declared to be heresy by the church. Thanks be to God and the Angels that the days are gone when anything that went against the Church’s dogma was viciously suppressed by the Inquisition, the strong arm of the Church.

The bold pioneers of those days lived dangerously, because violent clashes with the ecclesiastical authorities ensued over their findings. How fortunate for us that they bravely stood their ground; knowing that they were speaking the truth gave them the strength and determination to do so. God’s eternal truth is unchangeable. Grains of this truth – as much as humankind could safely deal with at the time – were contained within the knowledge given through the teachers who came to us. These grains remain valid to this day, no matter what most of us believed in days gone by and some of us still do, now.

That astrology works I can tell you from first hand experience, otherwise I would never have bothered with it. For a very long time now, astrology has provided me with a key for unlocking and understanding the deepest mysteries of life, not only of my own but of all life. In all my writings I endeavour to share my findings with you. With any teacher we find we need to bear in mind that no matter how high and holy a person the one before us is and however deep and profound their own grasp of spiritual concepts may be, their insights can only take us to the entrance of our own perception.

‘Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened onto thee.’ Whenever we wish to find out more about something, all we need to do is knock at our inner door and turn towards the wise one, the living God within, to whom access will never be denied to any genuine seeker of wisdom and truth. Walking over the threshold may take a bit of perseverance but the promise is that, at the right moment, we shall be guided through the gateway of our own understanding and find the entrance into all the mysteries that had to remain hidden from us in the past.

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