On The Soul Level We Are All Christians

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The logical, analytical and rationalising mind of the small earthly self, with all its cleverness, crafty ideas and ingenious ways is a tool, a wonderful one but nonetheless a mere instrument. But, no matter how learned ours may have become in the long course of our evolution, for educational reasons for a vast part of it our small self had to remain ignorant of the fact that the essence of our being is spirit and a soul. For a long time the small earthly self is unaware of their presence and merely carries them around within the bowl of its being. Having to be a follower of Jesus to be called a Christian fails to take into account that every human being carries within the core of its own being a spark of the Divine great light, the Universal Christ. Therefore, independent of how elevated or low anyone may presently be ranking on the social ladder of earthly life, by definition each one of us underneath our skins on the soul level, is a Christian.

The soul is a vast storehouse of the memories of all lifetimes, including those of its beginning and the place it has come from. It also knows its long-term destiny of being reunited with its Source. We are all programmed to carry, within the deepest innermost recesses of our soul, the memory of the oneness with God from whose heart we once emerged. The Universal laws ensure that every soul eventually returns safely into this state. No matter how hard we may ever be struggling on the outermost plane of life in physicality, on the inner level we shall never leave the oneness with the source of our being. Independent of what faith or belief system anyone may follow, on the soul level and at heart we are all Gnostics, by definition someone who has gained knowledge of God from their own experiences. On the inner level agnostics or atheists simply do not exist.

As pointed out in other parts of my jottings, it has never been my intention to destroy any of the ladders on which many of my spiritual siblings to this day are climbing. This is because I know that in the natural course of events each one of us eventually re-awakens to their true identity and gains their own access to God’s wisdom and truth. And the further we proceed into the Aquarian Age, the more this is happening everywhere. The natural consequence of this will be that all existing religions of our world will no longer be required because they have served their purpose and become obsolete.

I cannot see why the fact that the Jesus story is but a myth and a legend should cause major problems for any devout Christian, who is capable of believing in the power of God and the Angels, who are the inspiration behind the Jesus story. From the moment it was written, it never even tried to falsify the esoteric truths that have always been hiding behind its surface words. In my view, the only thing that has ever been amiss with the Jesus story has been to take the metaphors and symbolisms contained in its teachings literally, instead of interpreting them allegorically.

Be that as it may, from the moment of leaving the conscious oneness with God, all human souls are yearning for their true home. Throughout all lifetimes they are trying to draw their earthly self back to where its soul and spirit rightfully belong. In the end, even the last one of us will have grown into a wise one goes down on their knees to give thanks and praise for their salvation and redemption. At that stage of our development, we no longer have any difficulties grasping that nobody could ever do this for us and that, under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, we are the only ones who can bring it about.

Even though our soul may still be clothed in matter, filled with wonder and admiration we kneel before our Creator’s throne and join the worship of the Angels. With them we kneel in adoration before the magnificence, omniscience, the great wisdom and love of the mind of the One, the Universal intelligence, our true and truly beloved Father/Mother.

May God and the Angels of Healing and Peace be with all of us,
especially those who cannot yet understand
the message of healing and peace for us and our world,
which my writings have always hoped to bring.

God bless each one of you.

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